What to pick up in the Steam Summer Sale

Every summer on Steam, there’s a mega discount sale on thousands of games across the platform. But with so much variety, what do you buy? Well, here are our picks on what to buy for the best price.

beamNG.drive                                                                                                 (£18.99 – £12.72)

One of the best car destruction games ever. Seriously, this game has one of the best physics engines we have ever seen! It has everything you could possibly want from a game like this: ridiculous physics, structurally unstable cars, and tons of levels to play! Don’t like any of the vehicles? Just visit the steam workshop and download some from there. Go wild.

Worth Rating:  7/10

Prison Architect                                                                                                (£19.99 – £4.99)

Ever fancied managing your own prison? Prison Architect is the best prison management game there is, and with the price dropping from £19.99 to only £4.99, this one is definitely worth it! What’s more, for only 50p extra you can get 4 more games bundled with it: Darwinia, DEFCON, Multiwinia and Uplink. Totally worth it!

Worth Rating 9/10

Fallout 4                                                                                                               (£19.99 – £9.99)

You’ve probably already heard of the wasteland roaming masterpiece that is Fallout 4, but if not, then we’d highly recommend you get it! Play as the “sole survivor” as you explore the dilapidated wastes around you in search for your kidnapped son. And anyway, reduced by £10?! You’re basically stealing at this point, go buy it!

Worth Rating 8/10

Half Life 2                                                                                                              (£6.99 – £0.69)

Even though this game may be over 10 years old, it still is one of the greatest games ever made. Become Gordon Freeman, and take on a mission to free humanity, using the range of weapons you accumulate travelling through the game. This first person shooter keeps you hooked until the last minute, leaving you wanting more!

Worth Rating 9/10

Sims 3                                                                                                                   (£24.99 – £6.24)

The Sims 3 is a life simulation game, in which you create a character/characters, and essentially play god to their lives! We suggest that you should definitely pick up this game up before the deal is over on the main game and all the DLC too.

Worth Rating 7/10

Geometry Dash                                                                                                    (£2.79 – £0.69)

If you have ever been on our blog before, you might have seen a couple posts on this game. Geometry Dash is a fast paced, 2D, rhythm based platformer, where you traverse levels using a range of different vehicles. If you can’t tell, we are massive fans of Geometry Dash, and would honestly recommend this game to anyone, especially as the price has dropped in the sale.

Worth Rating 10/10




Kingdom Rush Frontiers PC: Review

Kingdom Rush Frontiers, the long-awaited sequel to Kingdom Rush, has finally hit the Steam Store! But what is it? Well, as Ironhide put it, a Fantasy Action Tower Defence Game. Basically, that means you build towers to kill enemies. So, what’s it like? How do you play? Is it worth the buy? Read on to find out!

You start off with a short intro, essentially telling us to defend Hammerhold, which I’m sure is a city in the game. In the first level, you’re also given a brief tutorial, on what to do and how to build towers. The towers are pretty much the same as in the original game, up to Level 4 Towers, which have some different abilities. Obviously, as well as that, Frontiers has different art for the towers, most of which we think is awesome!

Level 1.jpg

After you beat a level, you’re awarded stars depending on the amount of hearts you have left. 18+ hearts, 3 stars, 6-17 hearts, 2 stars, and 1-5 lives, 1 star. You can use these to upgrade your towers in the “Upgrades Section”, where you have a choice of 6 different things to upgrade.

So, what are the best things about the game? Well, our favourite thing about Frontiers is the art. It’s amazing! The art for individual levels is amazing, and the entire map is stunning. You can tell they spent a long time on it, and it most certainly pays off.


What’s more, this isn’t even the full game! Of course, there are drawbacks to it not being the full game, but we’ll come to that later. So, what possible advantages might there be to this not being the full game? Well, now we know the best is yet to come, as every new update comes with a free expansion to the game!

Unfortunately, though, there are downsides to that. Currently, it’s incredibly short, and if you’re a seasoned player, you’ll breeze through the levels. Fortunately, as mentioned earlier, Ironhide have an update schedule for it, which will bring new expansions! You can find that here.

The other main downside to the game is that the bosses are too easy to defeat, especially with good tactics, which can make the game kinda boring after a while. However, new enemies and bosses do make it more interesting, and the story will keep you playing!

Overall, I think Kingdom Rush Frontiers is a huge success, with amazing art, even more heroes, and entirely new enemies to discover and defeat. Definitely worth the buy, and for just £6.99, this game is a bargain!

Best Retro Style Games

Retro games are my favourite kinds of games. They’re pixelated and great, and for some reason, I love playing them. So, for all you other retro fans out there, I’ve compiled a list of the best deals on those kind of games! You’re welcome, thank me later.

(Click game name to go to steam page)

Undertale – £6.99

Undertale is an indie RPG game by developer Toby Fox. You control a little human child, end explore underground towns and caves, solving puzzles on the way!

Crypt of the NecroDancer – £10.99

Here’s another indie game, this one by a developer called “Brace Yourself Games”. It’s a rogue-like, rhythm based dungeon crawler, where you fight monsters and dance to awesome music! What more could you want in a game?!

NOT A HERO – £9.99

In NOT A HERO, you play as Steve, a campaign manager for the anthropomorphic rabbit from the future known as BunnyLord, who is charged with cleaning up the city. Shoot  hoodlums, unlock characters, and lose your sanity in this incredible pixel game!

Super Amazing Wagon Adventure – £1.99

A fast paced, 2D shooting game, in which you control three migrants with a wagon, a steed, and an awful lot of guns! Can you survive the trip?

Chiptune Champion – £6.99

Chiptune Champion, much like NecroDancer, is a music based game, in which you use your keyboard as an instrument! Play awesome chiptunes, and even make and share your own, using the in-built song editor!

Super Meat Boy – £10.99

Super Meat Boy is known in the gaming community as one of the hardest platformers ever, and having played it myself, I definitely agree. It has an awesome soundtrack too, but unfortunately you won’t be able to hear it over the sound of your screams.

Space Moth DX£5.59

Do you have a burning desire to play a game as a flying moth, shooting lasers at other laser-shooting insects? Well, not only does this game check all those boxes, it’s currently on sale too!

XeoDrifter: Special Edition – £10.99

XeoDrifter is a game about the adventure of an astronaut, trapped in an unknown solar system and fighting for survival in unknown alien terrains! Get ready to jump over obstacles and shoot monsters, because in this game ANYTHING (within reason) can happen!