Best Retro Style Games

Retro games are my favourite kinds of games. They’re pixelated and great, and for some reason, I love playing them. So, for all you other retro fans out there, I’ve compiled a list of the best deals on those kind of games! You’re welcome, thank me later.

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Undertale – £6.99

Undertale is an indie RPG game by developer Toby Fox. You control a little human child, end explore underground towns and caves, solving puzzles on the way!

Crypt of the NecroDancer – £10.99

Here’s another indie game, this one by a developer called “Brace Yourself Games”. It’s a rogue-like, rhythm based dungeon crawler, where you fight monsters and dance to awesome music! What more could you want in a game?!

NOT A HERO – £9.99

In NOT A HERO, you play as Steve, a campaign manager for the anthropomorphic rabbit from the future known as BunnyLord, who is charged with cleaning up the city. Shoot  hoodlums, unlock characters, and lose your sanity in this incredible pixel game!

Super Amazing Wagon Adventure – £1.99

A fast paced, 2D shooting game, in which you control three migrants with a wagon, a steed, and an awful lot of guns! Can you survive the trip?

Chiptune Champion – £6.99

Chiptune Champion, much like NecroDancer, is a music based game, in which you use your keyboard as an instrument! Play awesome chiptunes, and even make and share your own, using the in-built song editor!

Super Meat Boy – £10.99

Super Meat Boy is known in the gaming community as one of the hardest platformers ever, and having played it myself, I definitely agree. It has an awesome soundtrack too, but unfortunately you won’t be able to hear it over the sound of your screams.

Space Moth DX£5.59

Do you have a burning desire to play a game as a flying moth, shooting lasers at other laser-shooting insects? Well, not only does this game check all those boxes, it’s currently on sale too!

XeoDrifter: Special Edition – £10.99

XeoDrifter is a game about the adventure of an astronaut, trapped in an unknown solar system and fighting for survival in unknown alien terrains! Get ready to jump over obstacles and shoot monsters, because in this game ANYTHING (within reason) can happen!



How to Find 1Ups in Super Mario Bros

Super Mario Bros has tons of secrets, and some of the hardest to find are the 1Ups. There are a total of 10 to find, and if you don’t lose any lives, you’ll have 13 at the end!

Here are the levels with 1Ups, along with maps:











If you look through the maps, you can see where the hidden blocks are. Most of these contain 1Ups, but if you look carefully, there are some with Super Stars. Yay, invincibility!

All these images were made by Ian Albert, who’s website you can find here!