Papers, Please: Achievement Guide

Papers, Please is a simple, yet hilarious, pixel-style game, in which you check papers at a border. It’s more fun than it sounds! There aren’t many achievements, but unfortunately some of them are pretty tough to get, which is why we made this guide to help you catch em’ all!

Impor token:

On Day 4, the fifth entrant is a woman excited to see her son. Unfortunately, her papers aren’t up to scratch… Break the law and let her in to gain this achievement!

Antegria token:

An Antegrian man with correct papers will come on Day 5, along with his wife. He’ll ask you to let her in, but it turns out she does not have correct papers! If you let her in, you’ll get the Antegrian Token, along with an achievement and the respect of your peers.

The mysterious Antegrian man…

Obristan token:

Jorji Costava is the BEST character in the game, and has the funniest dialogue! You can’t help but love this character! To get this achievement, all you have to do is let him in, but he doesn’t have proper papers till Day 11, so you can either wait, or you can get a citation. Your choice.

Arstotzka token:

On Day 12, an Arstotzkan citizen by the name of Messof Anegovych will give you four business cards to give to any engineers that pass through. All you have to do is distribute all four before he comes back on Day 16, and you’ll get the token.

Republia token:

When Danic Lorun comes in on Day 21 and asks you to break the law and let him in without proper documents, he gives you his watch as insurance, promising to return. Hold onto it, so that on Day 23 when he returns, you can give it back to him, in return for 1o credits. However, the rascal that he is changes his mind, and asks for his credits AND the watch back! To get the achievement, give back the credits, so he sees the error of his ways.

Danic Loran

Kolechia token:

On Day 25, the 5th entrant will give you THE MOST BEAUTIFUL LOVE LETTER EVER! If you give it to the depressed seventh entrant then you will get the token.

United Federation token:

On Day 29, a man asks you to confiscate the passport of a “Simon Wens”. The next day, when Wens tries to enter, do as instructed and take the passport. However, make sure you don’t arrest him. When the man returns later, giving him Wens’ passport will secure you this token.

The Hidden Achievements…

Glory to Arstotzka:

To get the “Glory to Arstotzka” achievement, ignore all of the EZIC requests, burn all the gift money, neutralize both attackers AND stay in Arstotzka. As a nice little bonus, getting this also unlocks endless mode!

Hired Rifle:

Only available on Day 23 when the EZIC guy asks you to kill the man in red with the sniper rifle. Do so and you’ll have one more achievement under your belt, as well as a nice pair of handcuffs and a cellmate named Bob.

Member of the Order:

To become a Member of the Order you must have completed 4 out of 5 of the EZIC tasks and have allow the EZIC members to breach the border on Day 31. You become a member, and are moved to a better apartment! Win, win situation? Probably!

EZIC Task on Day 13.

Snowier Pastures:

For this achievement you must escape to Obristan with all of your currently alive family members. To do this, you must “collect” enough passports for your family AND have enough money (25 credits per family member). The things you do for this family…

Too Honest:

Turn over the EZIC documents to the Ministry of Intelligence investigator on day 12. If you’re an honest person, you may have accidentally gotten this achievement already!

Worker’s Best

For this one, upgrade to a Class 5 apartment. The earliest you can do this is day 22, if you’re living in a Class 6 apartment already.

The end of Day 29!

Super Mario Bros – All Level Maps

A long time ago, in a galaxy not too far away, I was playing Super Mario Bros, and I thought to myself “Hey! Wouldn’t it be cool to have all the Super Mario Bros maps at my disposal?” Yes. It would be cool. So here they are!

World 1






World 2






World 3




3-4mario-3-4.gif (2561×224)


World 4

4-1mario-4-1.gif (3816×224)

4-2mario-4-2.gif (3584×224)


4-4mario-4-4.gif (3072×224)


World 5

5-1mario-5-1.gif (3400×224)

5-2mario-5-2.gif (3416×224)


5-4mario-5-4.gif (2561×224)


World 6

6-1mario-6-1.gif (3224×224)

6-2mario-6-2.gif (3672×224)

6-3mario-6-3.gif (2872×224)

6-4mario-6-4.gif (2560×224)


World 7

7-1mario-7-1.gif (3080×224)

7-2mario-7-2.gif (3078×224)

7-3mario-7-3.gif (3800×224)

7-4mario-7-4.gif (3584×224)


World 8

8-1mario-8-1.gif (6232×224)

8-2mario-8-2.gif (3672×224)

8-3mario-8-3.gif (3672×224)

8-4mario-8-4.gif (5889×224)



Secret Areas

Bonus Area A                                                        Bonus Area B

Bonus Area A                Bonus Area B

Bonus Area C                                                        Bonus Area D

Bonus Area C                Bonus Area D

Bonus Area E

Bonus Area E

Bonus Area Fmario-bonusarea-f.gif (1031×224)

Bonus Area G – It’s different to F! Seriously!mario-bonusarea-g.gif (1031×224)

Bonus Area Hmario-bonusarea-h.gif (1248×224)

Bonus Area Imario-bonusarea-i.gif (1505×224)

Bonus Area Jmario-bonusarea-j.gif (1024×224)

Bonus Area K



Well, that took far longer than expected! All of these images were made by Ian Albert, who you can find here!


Do you play Super Mario Bros? Still searching for all the 1Ups? You can find our list of levels they’re on here!

XeoDrifter: Achievement Guide

XeoDrifter is an awesome pixel-style platformer, and although it’s annoyingly short, the 16 achievements make it slightly longer! Here’s how to get them!

Submarine Power

This will almost definitely be the first achievement you’ll get, and luckily for you, it’s also unavoidable! You’ll achieve it after beating the first boss and grabbing the submarine power-up it drops.

Plane Shift Power

Like the previous achievement, this one’s also unavoidable. To get it, you’ll have to beat the second boss and pick up the the plane shift power-up. This’ll get you the second achievement!

Run Power

If you haven’t already guessed it, to get this achievement you need to beat another boss. More specifically the third boss. After you’ve beaten it, picking up the item dropped will earn you the achievement.

Xeodrifter 3rd Boss.gif

Rocket Power

Beat fourth boss. Pick up item. Achievement earned.

Solar Flare Power

I wonder what you’ve got to do to get this achievement? Could it possibly have anything to do with beating the fifth boss? Who knows?

Phaze Power

Beat the sixth boss. Pick up item. Achievement earned. Whoa, did anyone else get a feeling of déjà vu?


To get this achievement, you’ve got to explore every nook and cranny of the map. Unfortunately, this also includes the secret areas, which makes it a lot harder to achieve.


Whilst playing XeoDrifter, you’ll most likely happen upon red, box-like things. These are gun upgrades, which you use to make your space blaster thing even stronger. By collecting all these, you’ll not only earn yourself an achievement, but you’ll also end up with a pretty sweet gun!

Security Blanket

Like the previous achievement, this one is earned by collecting a ton of special boxes that powers up your little spaceman. This time however, the boxes are green. In the words of Ash Ketchum, “You gotta catch em’all!”



Beat the game in under an hour. Luckily for you, the games pretty short, and if you’re a good gamer, you can probably beat it even quicker!


This one’s hard. You need to beat the final boss without losing any life. Fortunately, you can re-fight him repeatedly in all your saves. When you’re trying to get this achievement, I would recommend starting the fight with only one life left, because it gets annoying after having to wait to die after being hit once.

We’re Sorry

Kill one of those stupid flying bat things. They’re my least favourite enemy, because they’re the worst thing ever.


Warp Drive Engage

Beat the game!


You know when you’re fighting a boss and it goes into that weird blue force field? Just destroy that to earn yourself this achievement. I recommend using a fully charged solar flare.


During a boss fight, sometimes the boss will jump into the background to re-charge it’s health. When it’s doing that, jump into the background with it and shoot some of the health things. Collect one of those, and you’ll not only gain a life, you’ll also gain an achievement.

Secret Stash

Hidden throughout each world are secret blocks that, when destroyed, refill 3 or 4 lives. To get this achievement, just find one!

XeoDrifter Secret Stash.gif

Xeodrifter: Game Review

Xeodrifter is a game about the adventure of an astronaut, trapped in an unknown solar system and fighting for survival in unknown alien terrains! Get ready to jump over obstacles and shoot monsters, because in this game ANYTHING (within reason) can happen!

When I first started playing Xeodrifter, I expected it to be like every other platform game. However, after 10-20 minutes of gameplay, I realised how unique it was. When you beat the second boss, you get the ability to switch between planes, which, in other words, means you can jump between the background and the foreground. I’ve never seen that implemented into any other game, and it’s an awesome feature! As well as that awesome game mechanic, Xeodrifter also has tons of secret areas, many of which contain weapon upgrades and health extenders.

Xeodrifter Plane Shift

One of the few criticisms that I do have is the length of it. The game can be beaten in under an hour, which, funnily enough, is one of the achievements! If the creator (Renegade Kid) gave it some more chapters, or even just more planets, it would make the game much more enjoyable! One of the other things about Xeodrifter that I’m not particularly fond of is the gameplay on other devices. On the 3DS you have two screens, one one of which shows your stats and the maps for each planet. On the PlayStation and PC, you only have one screen to look at, and have to switch between menus every time you need to check the map. This slows down your gameplay, and can get annoying after a while.

All in all, Xeodrifter is an enjoyable game, and although it’s short, it’s still great fun to play!

Like the look of Xeodrifter? You can find it on Nintendo’s eShop, the PSN Store or the Steam Store!

How to Download and Play Songs On Chiptune Champion

Chiptune Champion has tons of awesome songs pre-downloaded, but after a while, they can get dull.  Fortunately, its really easy to download and play new songs from the Steam Workshop! Here’s how:

Step One: Find the song

If you go to your library on Steam and select Chiptune Champion, below the achievements box you’ll see a button that says ‘Browse The Workshop’. Clicking this will take you to a separate page with loads of user created songs. Simply find one you like, and click it.

Chiptune Champion Workshop

Step Two: Subscribing

Now that you’ve found your song and clicked on it, you’ll see a page similar to what you’d see when looking at games. Pictures, title, maybe a video and a subscribe button instead of a buy button. Clicking that will ‘subscribe’ you to the song, meaning that it’s accessible through Chiptune Champion. Unfortunately however, you’re work isn’t over.

Chiptune Champion Subscribe.png

Step Three: Downloading

On the same page as the subscribe button, there will almost always be a description of the song. In that description, there’s probably a link to the mp3 file that you need to play along too. Clicking that link opens your browser and takes you to a download page, where you can download the song. Once you’ve got the file, either remember where it’s located (most likely downloads) or make a folder on your desktop and put it in there.

Step Four: Importing

Open Chiptune Champion and go to the section marked ‘Custom Songs’. In there, you’ll see a button marked ‘Import’, in the top right of the page.

Clicking that opens a file explorer window, in which you must find the mp3 file you downloaded. If you didn’t make a folder, it will probably be in downloads. Double click the mp3 file. A box will pop up asking you if you made the song yourself or took it from the Steam Workshop.

Chiptune Champion Box 1

This guide is for Steam Workshop songs, so click that. Another box will appear, this time asking you to select the track file you subscribed too. It’ll have a similar name to the one in the Steam Workshop. After you’ve selected the track file and clicked ‘OK’, just type in the song name and the artist, and you’re all set to go!

Chiptune Champion: Game Review

Have you ever wanted to play the tune you hear in Super Mario Bros, or the annoyingly catchy Nyan Cat theme? Well, with Chiptune Champion, you can! Turn your keyboard into an instrument, and play along to awesome 8-Bit music!

One of the things I love most about the game is the wide variety of songs. There are 37 to play immediately, with an extra 3 to be unlocked! They cater to a wide variety of tastes, so if you don’t like one song, you’ll almost definitely find another one that’s your style!

Chiptune Champion Song Selection
Hey, who’s that at number one?

As well as the collection of songs, you can also download more from the Steam workshop, such as the Super Mario Bros theme, a Doctor Who techno remix and even John Cena’s “My Time Is Now”! They’re pretty easy to download, and if you don’t know how, we have a tutorial here!

One of the only things I don’t like is the fact that it can’t go totally fullscreen. Yes, it has the option to, but the screenshot above is what the fullscreen looks like. One more thing that I don’t like is the difficulty of the medium category. It’s essentially just a slightly easier version of the expert category, which, by the way, is pretty hard. I thought it would be easier than that, and would ease you into the tricker difficulties.

Overall, it’s a pretty great game, and I would definitely recommend it to those of you that enjoy games such as Super Mario Bros or Pac-Man. It shares qualities similar to that of Guitar Hero, so players of that should definitely check this game out!


Available for £6.99 on Steam here.

Terraria: Hardmode Start Guide

Once you’ve played Terraria for a while (and have beaten the Wall of Flesh) you’ll enter hardmode, which makes everything… harder. After defeating the Wall of Flesh (WoF) you get rewarded with several items, one of which will always be the ‘pwnhammer’.

With this hammer you can destroy demons altars, which, after being destroyed, trigger a message to pop up on screen. This message will either read: “Your world has been blessed with Cobalt”, or “Your world has been blessed with Palladium. After smashing a second altar, another message will pop up, either reading: “Your world has been blessed with Mythril”, or “Your world has been blessed with Orichalcum”. The third time you smash an altar, the message will either read: “Your world has been blessed with Adamantine”, or “Your world has been blessed with Titanium”. After that it just repeats the order, only spawning them in smaller quantities.

To mine each of these, you’ll need a Molten Pickaxe, which you can get by using Hellstone bars. You can use the Molten Pickaxe to mine Cobalt/Palladium ore, which you can then use to make either a drill or a pickaxe. These new tools can mine Mythril/Orichalcum.

With these new tools under your belt, you can travel down to The Underworld to get the final few ores.

Once you have collected a plentiful amount of Titanium/Adamantite, teleport back up to the surface and craft a new forge from 25 pieces of whatever new ore you just got.  With this new forge, you can finally craft new pickaxes, drills, and all the tools you’ll ever need!