Dishonored: An Overview [Part 2]

Yes, that’s right, there’s more! Here’s part 2 of our Dishonored Overview!

You wake up and your next mission is set, as you must find a guy, who knows a guy, who helps this guy bug all these other guys, a.k.a. the royal physician, or as most players know him, the guy who makes the health potions and terrible paintings. Speaking of which, he painted the guy/gal who is helping find Lord Regent.

It’s a cool level, as you must do is infiltrate a fortress. You work your way towards your victim, turn off the lights, kidnap the guy and escape. Done. Easy. Sleep now.

not anti-social at all

You wake up, the royal physician is cranky, so you’ve got to give him his bottle of fancy booze that you have to buy from Pierro. So, you go look for Pierro and– wait, Pierro, what are you doing? Excuse me, how dare you snoop on poor maid no.3! That’s just rude sir! Rude! Moving on. You buy the stuff, give it to the royal physician and learn that the person who is backing the Lord Reagent’s greenlight project is Lady Boyle! Only problem is there are 3 Lady Boyles and even the guy doesn’t know which one it is, as he painted her from behind, the creep.

So, you now must invade their party, where they will all be dressed the same, but in different colours. Easy, right? At this point you’re probably saying, “oh, I watched a walkthrough on this, I know exactly which Boyle it is!”

Nope, because in each playthrough, the Lady Boyle you must eliminate is different!

Here’s a little factoid: that mission got a lot of positive feedback, and inspired one of the levels in Dishonored 2! The premise of it is that you can either ruin the party OR blend in. It’s great. And, of course, there’s the usual stuff, side missions, opportunities, lethal and non-lethal methods. The non-lethal method is great, because you just hand her over to a creeper (probably) and the lucky woman gets to spend the rest of her life with him. Forever. Isolated. Alone. Fun!

corvo ain’t no lightweight

After coming back from a night of either not drinking or heavily drinking (you can play any way in Dishonored, Corvo ain’t no lightweight) you are finally ready to take down the Lord Reagent. His reign has been a long one, but it is time he met the end of your blade.

So, you enter the level as you did at the start of the game, but this time the entire tower is slightly harder to get into. There’s a lot of security, and depending if you went high or low chaos, the Lord Reagent could be in a multitude of places.


Anyway, the non-lethal method has you talking to a guy in a broadcasting tower, stealing an audiograph and giving it back to the guy in the broadcasting tower, then leaving the tower to see the Reagent taken away by ye olde timey police force. Because, y’know, he ordered the death of the Empress. Now all you need to do is escape. Job done!

Back at your HQ, everyone has a toast and you pop off to bed, after a job well done! Wait a minute… what’s… what’s this feeling… I don… fel tooo good-



The Keyboard

You’ve just bought Super Meat Boy for your PC. You’ve already beaten it on console, but saw it on Steam and thought “hey, why not?” The game loads, and suddenly you realise: you’ve never played this with a keyboard before. You brush away the thought. How hard can it be?

You beat The Forest without much difficulty, and move onto The Hospital. Now it gets tough. You begin to notice how tiny these keys are, how annoying they are to press, and all of a sudden, you realise how much easier playing with a controller is.

But still, you continue to play, getting angrier and angrier, dying again, and again, and again, until finally, you snap! You throw the keyboard against the wall in a rage, keys shattering everywhere, and the keyboard rebounds, bashing into your monitor! The screen cracks, and it falls, knocking over your drink. It spills onto your PC, and it bursts into flames, engulfing your desk! In minutes, the room is ablaze. Treasured items are burning, your expensive electronics are lost to the unforgiving flame, and you can do nothing but watch. You call 999, screaming for help, and 10 minutes later, they’re there…

But it’s  too late. By the time the fire is out, your room is destroyed. What’s left of your PC is a smoldering shell, and the acrid stench of burnt motherboard fills your nostrils. Why hadn’t you just used the controller?! It would have been so much easier! You fall to your knees, tears streaming down your face, cries of sorrow and agony echoing around you. Finally, your chest heaving, you let out the final sob, and just sit there. Silent.

Then, you realise. It was so clear, all along… How had you not noticed? This would never have happened with a controller; This happened because of a keyboard! Finally, with this realisation, you come to the inescapable, unavoidable, inevitable truth of the situation…


Controllers are better than keyboard.

Kingdom Rush Frontiers PC: Review

Kingdom Rush Frontiers, the long-awaited sequel to Kingdom Rush, has finally hit the Steam Store! But what is it? Well, as Ironhide put it, a Fantasy Action Tower Defence Game. Basically, that means you build towers to kill enemies. So, what’s it like? How do you play? Is it worth the buy? Read on to find out!

You start off with a short intro, essentially telling us to defend Hammerhold, which I’m sure is a city in the game. In the first level, you’re also given a brief tutorial, on what to do and how to build towers. The towers are pretty much the same as in the original game, up to Level 4 Towers, which have some different abilities. Obviously, as well as that, Frontiers has different art for the towers, most of which we think is awesome!

Level 1.jpg

After you beat a level, you’re awarded stars depending on the amount of hearts you have left. 18+ hearts, 3 stars, 6-17 hearts, 2 stars, and 1-5 lives, 1 star. You can use these to upgrade your towers in the “Upgrades Section”, where you have a choice of 6 different things to upgrade.

So, what are the best things about the game? Well, our favourite thing about Frontiers is the art. It’s amazing! The art for individual levels is amazing, and the entire map is stunning. You can tell they spent a long time on it, and it most certainly pays off.


What’s more, this isn’t even the full game! Of course, there are drawbacks to it not being the full game, but we’ll come to that later. So, what possible advantages might there be to this not being the full game? Well, now we know the best is yet to come, as every new update comes with a free expansion to the game!

Unfortunately, though, there are downsides to that. Currently, it’s incredibly short, and if you’re a seasoned player, you’ll breeze through the levels. Fortunately, as mentioned earlier, Ironhide have an update schedule for it, which will bring new expansions! You can find that here.

The other main downside to the game is that the bosses are too easy to defeat, especially with good tactics, which can make the game kinda boring after a while. However, new enemies and bosses do make it more interesting, and the story will keep you playing!

Overall, I think Kingdom Rush Frontiers is a huge success, with amazing art, even more heroes, and entirely new enemies to discover and defeat. Definitely worth the buy, and for just £6.99, this game is a bargain!