Geometry Dash – How to Unlock Scratch’s Shop

If you’re trying to unlock the Chamber of Time, just looking for some new icons, or trying to unravel Geometry Dash’s secrets, you’ll undoubtedly need to access Scratch’s Shop. But how on earth do you do that? Well, here’s an easy step-by-step guide!

  1. Go into the treasure room (the purple door in the create/find levels screen).
  2. Scroll to the very last page. You’ll see a cyan coloured rope hanging from the ceiling.
  3. Click/tap on that rope. This will cause a load of dialogue to appear, which you need to click through. What Scratch basically says is that you need to get 500 diamonds.
  4. Go gather 500 diamonds.
  5. Friend me on Geometry Dash. Very important step. Very, very important (alphr).
  6. Go back to the rope.
  7. Tap on the rope, and through the dialogue.
  8. You’re in!

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If you followed all those steps exactly, you’ll have a new shop! And a new friend (step 5, very important step).

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Geometry Dash – Chamber of Time Codes

So, you’ve unlocked the Chamber of Time. What to do now? Why not type in these codes!


Darkness – A new icon!


Hunger – A new icon!


Silence – A new icon (with a gradient)!


Volcano – A new wave!


River – A new colour!

What’s that? This article’s really short? Yeah, we know. We could have put it in with our one on unlocking the chamber of time, and we would have, but we realised a very important piece of information.

We get more views this way. It’s science, Dipper.

Geometry Dash – How to Access the Chamber of Time

If you’re an avid Geometry Dash fan, you’ll definitely know about the greatly anticipated 2.1 update that was just released. However, what you might now know is that with that new update came a new vault: The Chamber of Time! But how do you unlock this new feature? Well, read on to find out!

  1. First off, you’re going to need to unlock the Vault of Secrets. To do that, collect 50 diamonds, then go to the create/find levels screen. You’ll see a gold lock in the top right. Click on that, and you’re in!
  2. Now you’re in this new area, type “The challenge” into the text box. This will unlock a secret level, which you’ll see just to the right of you, also in the Vault of Secrets. To play it, you’ll need 200 diamonds, so get collecting!
  3. Once you’ve completed “The Challenge”, you’ll gain access to the basement (the little orange door), in which you’ll find some kind of monster hidden behind some bars. Once the monster has finished talking, click on each of the locks next to him in turn, reading that dialogue that goes along with each.
  4. Once you’ve finished reading, go to the “coming soon” screen, and click in the area below the text. A door will appear!
  5. Clicking on the door will prompt a message to come up, asking if the player is Rubrub.
  6. To enter the door, you’ll need to acquire the “Master Emblem”, which you can get in Scratch’s Shop (accessible for 500 diamonds).
  7. Once you’ve got that, equip it, and go back to the door. Click on it again, and voila! You’re granted access! 

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Geometry Dash: How to Get All the Coins in Fingerdash

Here it is. After almost a year of waiting, 2.1 is out, and with it, a brand new level: Fingerdash! It’s got new blocks, new mechanics, and some cool new features, and is the most detailed main level RobTop has made. But what else does Fingerdash have? That’s right: coins! So, how do you get these brand new gold treasures? Read on, and we’ll show you how!

The first coin is found in the first Spider section of Fingerdash, and to get it, you need to be pretty quick at clicking! Just click/tap when you’re above the coin, and then quickly teleport up again. This coin gives you a little extra practice with the Spider, the new game mode.

Clicky click

Now, the second coin! This one’s in the flying bit directly after the spider, and involves a bit of precision in your flying. You’re required to fly through a gap in some spinning fire bars, which isn’t too hard. Luckily for you, this is probably the easiest of the three coins!

You know what they say: go through the spinning fire obstacles to get the special coin.

The last coin is the most annoying one to get. It’s found just after the wave section, but to get it, you need to collect little coins in that wave section. Basically, when zig-zagging through that wave bit, there will be 10 little coins to grab. If you collect each of these, you’ll be able to grab the main coin directly after it. This can get pretty annoying, as if you miss even one of those coins, they all disappear, and you have to replay to get the third coin.

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Hopefully you found this coin guide helpful!

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Geometry Dash – The Vault Codes

Now you’ve unlocked The Vault, it’s time to input some codes to get awesome loot!


Spooky: Unlocks the Shy Guy icon!


Sparky: +1 coin!


Blockbite: Unlocks a new demon-like UFO.


Neverending: Unlocks a UFO. With lil’ spiky bits.


Mule: Unlocks a snazzy new ship.


Gandalfpotter: Unlocks a new trail.


Robotop: Unlocks robot #2!


Ahead: Unlocks a new wave. For all your… waving?


Lenny:  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) icon cube. Actually called a Deg deg.


[your username]: One-eyed cube


The numbers ‘8, 16, 30, 32, 46, 84’ all typed separately (type 8 in enter that, type 16 enter that and so… on): THE ILLUMINATI WAVE


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Geometry Dash: How to Get All the Coins in Can’t Let Go

Can’t Let Go is one of my favourite Geometry Dash levels, but is, unfortunately, quite hard to beat. This is pretty great. It makes the level challenging and fun, which is one of the reasons why I enjoy it so much! And although the feeling of beating this level is pretty great, it’s even greater when you can complete it with all three stars! Let’s get started!

The first coin is found right before the bit where the background goes all black, when you need to jump up three one-block platforms. To get the coin, just let yourself fall from the second one, getting you the coin!

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The second coin is really easy to get, and only requires some careful manoeuvring of your ship. As you enter the ship bit, you  have to fly under and over three columns, after which is an obstacle consisting of two blocks on top of each other, with spikes protruding outwards toward the player. Fly above this to grab the gold!

I barely made it.

This final coin appears in the section of the level where gravity is flipped. After jumping over a few obstacles, you drop down two blocks onto a three block platform with a spike at the end. To get the coin, don’t drop down both of those blocks. Drop down one, and then jump on the second, narrowly missing the three block platform and getting the coin! Get ready to jump after getting back on track however, since you die almost immediately if you don’t!

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Geometry Dash: How to Get All the Coins in Base After Base

Base After Base is the fifth level in Geometry Dash, and the first of the kind-of-hard ones! Fortunately however, the coins aren’t that hard to get!

The first coin is probably the easiest. In fact, you don’t even have to do anything! You should spot it during the first cube sequence, after the background turns a light shade of red. At 21%, you land on a 3 block wide platform, from which you’ll probably be able to see the coin hovering above a bounce pad. To get it, don’t touch anything. If you look closely, you’ll see a tiny gap in the big block opposite, which takes you straight to the gold!


The second coin’s location is pretty hard to explain. It’s in the part of the level when the background turns black, and is found at 47%. What you’ve got to do is jump between a platform and a spike, at a pretty exact time. It’s easier if I show you! Check out the picture below:


The last coin is found  in the first flying bit, soon after you enter a tunnel, and fly up a kind of stairway thing. After that, you’ve got to fly over and under 3 spikes, and then fly down a little bit and do the exact same thing again. To get the coin, don’t fly down that little bit. In fact, fly up! Once you’ve gotten past that first set of over/under spikes, you should notice a 1 block gap in the wall/ceiling in front of you. Fly into that and wait until you see the exit (another 1 block gap). Fly into that, and grab the coin!


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