Top 10 Nitrome Games

Nitrome is my favourite gaming website, and it’s full of awesome free flash games. Unfortunately however, there are tons of games to play on there, so it’s hard to find the best of the bunch. Luckily for you, I have a list! Here they are!

1. Ditto

Ditto is an atmospheric puzzle game, where you play as a tiny triangular cat exploring a vast network of caves and dungeons. Who knows what’s around the corner?

2. Nitrome Must Die

Nitrome Must Die is a platform-shooter, which was released as Nitrome’s 100th game. It has a total of 102 levels, increasing in difficulty as they go along. It’s a tough game, but it’s worth the effort!

3. Platform Panic

This is Nitrome’s first mobile game, and as you can probably guess, it’s a platform game. There are nine characters to buy, each of them with a special ability. If you don’t have a phone, you can play it on PC too, but you’ve got to use browsers such as Firefox or Safari.

4. Tiny Castle

Tiny Castle is a pixelated platform game in which you jump around collecting coins and slaying enemies. A unique thing about this game is that it only has one level, making it easy to navigate around. Don’t get too comfortable though, it won’t stay the same forever…

5. Avalanche

Have you ever wanted to play a game based around a penguin sledging down various terrains full of different obstacles, all the time knowing that going too slowly will doom you to an eternity trapped in the cold, frosty death trap that is the avalanche? Well now you can!

6. Ice Beak

Ice Beak is a game where you play as a tiny blue bird that shoots ice from it’s mouth, destroying enemies and shooting snowballs. As well as that, it’s an icon game, so you can play it from the game select menu!

7. Bump Battle Royale

If you’ve ever been to a theme park, you’ve probably gone on the bumper carts before. This game is just like that but more… pixelated. It features other Nitrome game characters, which only makes it more fun when you brutally smash them off the edge.

8. Fat Cat

In Fat Cat, you play as a fat purple cat that eats cake and shoots lasers, and a tiny blue owl that acts as a furry little machine gun. A unique thing about this game is that you play as both characters at once, as you control the owl with your mouse, and the cat with the keyboard.

9. Test Subject Blue

Test Subject Blue is the first of a trilogy of games set around the adventures of a tiny blue enzyme. After being created by a scientist, you’re put through experiments to test your problem solving and agility, but be careful; not all is as it seems…

10. Super Treadmill

The final game on this list is called Super Treadmill, in which you play as a fat kid who is forced by his uncle to run and jump over obstacles of varying height. Don’t worry if you mess up the first few times though, you’re still running faster than Internet Explorer!


My 10 favourite games so far in my lifetime.


1) Portal 1&2. If you haven’t already noticed, I love the Portal franchise. They may be several years old, but they are both original as no other game has been made about Portals and such so far.

2) Binding of Isaac Afterbirth/Rebirth. This is a pixel style shoot monsters game. You play as a character (Isaac) and you have to kill your mum. You use wasd to move and arrow keys to shoot.

3) Terraria On my steam library, Terraria has over 350 hours of play, and for good reason. It’s an amazing game, and I highly recommend it to anyone who is a fan of survival/building games, such as Minecraft.

4) Super Meat Boy Super Meat Boy is a great game about a cube of meat jumping around a hazardous areas collecting bandages. Your goal is to rescue the love of your life, Bandage Girl, from the evil Dr.Fetus (insert dramatic music here)!

5) Besiege This is a building game in which you create contraptions to complete goals such as take down a castle, or kill all the sheep. You can build anything you want in this game, from tanks to planes, you name it you can probably make it!

6) TerraTech This is quite simply one of the best early access games I have ever played. It’s about building a vehicle with guns and destroying other vehicles with guns to expand your vehicle. With more guns.

7) Rocket League Rocket League is like Fifa. You hit a ball around until it goes into the goal. But instead of footballers, this game has acrobatic robot cars. Suck it Fifa.

8) Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 This game is one of the best Roller Coaster Tycoon game which has ever come out in the history of like FOREVER! This game ticks all the boxes for me, how gameplay looks ( released 2005) and how it runs on all computers.

9)Geometry Dash Geometry Dash is an awesome game with awesome music, where you play as a little block that jumps through levels without a care in the world. You can change the blocks colour and you can change the blocks skin. Why? Because that’s your special jumpy block. All for you.

10) N An awesome little platform game in which you play as a tiny stickman ninja, running jumping and being generally cool across 100 levels of varying difficulty!

What I’ve Been Playing

Hey world! It’s half-term, so there are probably loads of kids sitting at home with nothing to do. Well I’m here to fix that! Here are five awesome games that I’ve been playing!

N– A super hard platformer. Click here to play (it’s also available to download here).

Pinesquest– An awesome retro-style game themed around the mysterious town of Gravity Falls! Click here to play.

Tetris– A fun, blocky puzzle game. Click here to play.

Flash Cat– A game where you play as a cat on a caterpillar running along a long purple road. Fun! Click here to play.

Platform Panic– Another platform game, in which you jump over enemies and avoid death from huge spiky blocks. Available for download on both Android and Apple.

The Best Pixel Games

Pixel games are awesome. There’s no doubt about it. If I’m honest, I’d rather play Super Mario World than the latest Fifa! The only problem is, there are so many… Which one do I play? Here’s a list of the best pixel games out there!

Super Mario Bros

This is my all-time favourite game. In fact, it was the first game I ever played! So why play it? For starters, the soundtrack! I’m pretty sure everyone’s heard Mario’s chirpy chiptune, and if you haven’t, google it! It’s awesome! As well as the soundtrack, there are 32 levels to beat, increasing in difficulty as you go through.

Unfortunately, this game was originally released on the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System). Although you can still buy them, they can be pretty expensive, especially for one in mint condition.


XeoDrifter is an action-adventure game, where you control an astronaut who’s spaceship is damaged by an asteroid. Your task? Travel between the four planets around you, collecting equipment to eventually battle the final boss, earning you a power crystal and an achievement!


LOVE is a 16-level, 8-bit platform game, in which the player runs  and jumps through levels of varying difficulty. There are 5 modes, including a speedrun mode and YOLO mode. You can probably guess what you do in each. One of the best things about love is it’s remix mode, which gives you 7 extra levels to play. These are of similar difficulty to the first 7 levels of the normal mode.

The hardest part of the game comes in the form of achievements. Some are easy, such as ‘Game Cleared’, in which you literally just have to beat the game. However, the more difficult ones are ‘YOLO’, where you’ve got to complete the game with  one life. It’s hard enough with 100! Apart from that, this game’s great. I might even go as far to say that I LOVE it!

Chiptune Champion

Chiptune Champion is the retro-style equivalent to Guitar Hero. It’s addictive, unique, and some songs are seriously tricky, especially in expert mode. It’s pretty cheap on the Steam store, at only £6.99.

When you first load up the game and hit start, you’re confronted with two options: Strum Mode or Tap Mode. In strum mode, you have to hold down the corresponding buttons and then hit enter, but in tap mode, you only need to hit the buttons.You start off with 37 songs to play, but after unlocking a certain amount of achievements, you get 3 extra songs to play. They’re pretty catchy too!

Bump Battle Royale

Bump Battle Royale is a free game hosted on, in which you play as a robot in a bumper cart. The aim is to bump enemies off of the arena you spawn on. There are 3 different modes to choose from, such as Last Man Standing and Campaign.

The best thing about it, as already mentioned, is that it’s free! In fact, it’s the only game on this list that is totally free to play online. As well as being free, it’s a multiplayer game too, so you can play with friends!