Geometry Dash – How to Unlock Scratch’s Shop

If you’re trying to unlock the Chamber of Time, just looking for some new icons, or trying to unravel Geometry Dash’s secrets, you’ll undoubtedly need to access Scratch’s Shop. But how on earth do you do that? Well, here’s an easy step-by-step guide!

  1. Go into the treasure room (the purple door in the create/find levels screen).
  2. Scroll to the very last page. You’ll see a cyan coloured rope hanging from the ceiling.
  3. Click/tap on that rope. This will cause a load of dialogue to appear, which you need to click through. What Scratch basically says is that you need to get 500 diamonds.
  4. Go gather 500 diamonds.
  5. Friend me on Geometry Dash. Very important step. Very, very important (alphr).
  6. Go back to the rope.
  7. Tap on the rope, and through the dialogue.
  8. You’re in!

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If you followed all those steps exactly, you’ll have a new shop! And a new friend (step 5, very important step).

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Geometry Dash – Chamber of Time Codes

So, you’ve unlocked the Chamber of Time. What to do now? Why not type in these codes!


Darkness – A new icon!


Hunger – A new icon!


Silence – A new icon (with a gradient)!


Volcano – A new wave!


River – A new colour!

What’s that? This article’s really short? Yeah, we know. We could have put it in with our one on unlocking the chamber of time, and we would have, but we realised a very important piece of information.

We get more views this way. It’s science, Dipper.

Geometry Dash – How to Access the Chamber of Time

If you’re an avid Geometry Dash fan, you’ll definitely know about the greatly anticipated 2.1 update that was just released. However, what you might now know is that with that new update came a new vault: The Chamber of Time! But how do you unlock this new feature? Well, read on to find out!

  1. First off, you’re going to need to unlock the Vault of Secrets. To do that, collect 50 diamonds, then go to the create/find levels screen. You’ll see a gold lock in the top right. Click on that, and you’re in!
  2. Now you’re in this new area, type “The challenge” into the text box. This will unlock a secret level, which you’ll see just to the right of you, also in the Vault of Secrets. To play it, you’ll need 200 diamonds, so get collecting!
  3. Once you’ve completed “The Challenge”, you’ll gain access to the basement (the little orange door), in which you’ll find some kind of monster hidden behind some bars. Once the monster has finished talking, click on each of the locks next to him in turn, reading that dialogue that goes along with each.
  4. Once you’ve finished reading, go to the “coming soon” screen, and click in the area below the text. A door will appear!
  5. Clicking on the door will prompt a message to come up, asking if the player is Rubrub.
  6. To enter the door, you’ll need to acquire the “Master Emblem”, which you can get in Scratch’s Shop (accessible for 500 diamonds).
  7. Once you’ve got that, equip it, and go back to the door. Click on it again, and voila! You’re granted access! 

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Geometry Dash: How to Get All the Coins in Fingerdash

Here it is. After almost a year of waiting, 2.1 is out, and with it, a brand new level: Fingerdash! It’s got new blocks, new mechanics, and some cool new features, and is the most detailed main level RobTop has made. But what else does Fingerdash have? That’s right: coins! So, how do you get these brand new gold treasures? Read on, and we’ll show you how!

The first coin is found in the first Spider section of Fingerdash, and to get it, you need to be pretty quick at clicking! Just click/tap when you’re above the coin, and then quickly teleport up again. This coin gives you a little extra practice with the Spider, the new game mode.

Clicky click

Now, the second coin! This one’s in the flying bit directly after the spider, and involves a bit of precision in your flying. You’re required to fly through a gap in some spinning fire bars, which isn’t too hard. Luckily for you, this is probably the easiest of the three coins!

You know what they say: go through the spinning fire obstacles to get the special coin.

The last coin is the most annoying one to get. It’s found just after the wave section, but to get it, you need to collect little coins in that wave section. Basically, when zig-zagging through that wave bit, there will be 10 little coins to grab. If you collect each of these, you’ll be able to grab the main coin directly after it. This can get pretty annoying, as if you miss even one of those coins, they all disappear, and you have to replay to get the third coin.

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Hopefully you found this coin guide helpful!

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Papers, Please: Achievement Guide

Papers, Please is a simple, yet hilarious, pixel-style game, in which you check papers at a border. It’s more fun than it sounds! There aren’t many achievements, but unfortunately some of them are pretty tough to get, which is why we made this guide to help you catch em’ all!

Impor token:

On Day 4, the fifth entrant is a woman excited to see her son. Unfortunately, her papers aren’t up to scratch… Break the law and let her in to gain this achievement!

Antegria token:

An Antegrian man with correct papers will come on Day 5, along with his wife. He’ll ask you to let her in, but it turns out she does not have correct papers! If you let her in, you’ll get the Antegrian Token, along with an achievement and the respect of your peers.

The mysterious Antegrian man…

Obristan token:

Jorji Costava is the BEST character in the game, and has the funniest dialogue! You can’t help but love this character! To get this achievement, all you have to do is let him in, but he doesn’t have proper papers till Day 11, so you can either wait, or you can get a citation. Your choice.

Arstotzka token:

On Day 12, an Arstotzkan citizen by the name of Messof Anegovych will give you four business cards to give to any engineers that pass through. All you have to do is distribute all four before he comes back on Day 16, and you’ll get the token.

Republia token:

When Danic Lorun comes in on Day 21 and asks you to break the law and let him in without proper documents, he gives you his watch as insurance, promising to return. Hold onto it, so that on Day 23 when he returns, you can give it back to him, in return for 1o credits. However, the rascal that he is changes his mind, and asks for his credits AND the watch back! To get the achievement, give back the credits, so he sees the error of his ways.

Danic Loran

Kolechia token:

On Day 25, the 5th entrant will give you THE MOST BEAUTIFUL LOVE LETTER EVER! If you give it to the depressed seventh entrant then you will get the token.

United Federation token:

On Day 29, a man asks you to confiscate the passport of a “Simon Wens”. The next day, when Wens tries to enter, do as instructed and take the passport. However, make sure you don’t arrest him. When the man returns later, giving him Wens’ passport will secure you this token.

The Hidden Achievements…

Glory to Arstotzka:

To get the “Glory to Arstotzka” achievement, ignore all of the EZIC requests, burn all the gift money, neutralize both attackers AND stay in Arstotzka. As a nice little bonus, getting this also unlocks endless mode!

Hired Rifle:

Only available on Day 23 when the EZIC guy asks you to kill the man in red with the sniper rifle. Do so and you’ll have one more achievement under your belt, as well as a nice pair of handcuffs and a cellmate named Bob.

Member of the Order:

To become a Member of the Order you must have completed 4 out of 5 of the EZIC tasks and have allow the EZIC members to breach the border on Day 31. You become a member, and are moved to a better apartment! Win, win situation? Probably!

EZIC Task on Day 13.

Snowier Pastures:

For this achievement you must escape to Obristan with all of your currently alive family members. To do this, you must “collect” enough passports for your family AND have enough money (25 credits per family member). The things you do for this family…

Too Honest:

Turn over the EZIC documents to the Ministry of Intelligence investigator on day 12. If you’re an honest person, you may have accidentally gotten this achievement already!

Worker’s Best

For this one, upgrade to a Class 5 apartment. The earliest you can do this is day 22, if you’re living in a Class 6 apartment already.

The end of Day 29!

How to Become a God in Portal

Ever opened up Portal and thought, “Oh man, I wish there were some cool hidden features in this awesome sci-fi adventure game!” You have? Well then, this article may be the most exciting thing you read all year!

To be able to unlock the powers of a God, you will first have to activate the developer console. You can see how in the slideshow below, but there are instructions below too. The same instructions apply in Portal 2 as well.

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  1. Go to options

  2. Keyboard > Advanced > Enable Developer Console

  3. Click ‘OK’, then exit back to the main menu

Now that’s all done, go and create a new game on a level of your choosing, and press the tilde key (the key above tab). A grey box should appear on your screen. If not, just repeat the above steps. If it still doesn’t work, your computer is haunted. Burn it and run.

Before you go and type commands in, you need to input this very important one first, which will give you the abilities to become invincible, no-clip everywhere and even spawn in your very own jeep! Here it is:

sv_cheats 1 

I bet you thought it was something more complicated. When you’ve done that, feel free to input any code from the list below and have fun!

Just to warn you, if you try and do a challenge map with cheats turned on, the attempt that you did will not be counted, so be wary of that.

List of most fun/useful cheats:

noclip – This makes it so that the first person camera isn’t obstructed by objects. In short, you can go through walls!

god – Invincibility.

buddha – You can take damage but won’t die.

firstperson – First person viewing.

thirdperson – Third person viewing.

notarget – Turrets will not shoot you, no matter how hard you tea-bag.

Want some more commands? [CLICK HERE]

Chrome’s Secret Minigames

Do you love secrets? Do you love minigames? Do you love dinosaurs and 1970s computer games? Well then, get ready for the most exciting 5-10 minutes of your life, as we show you Chrome’s hidden minigames!

Dinosaur Game

The first game on this list is one you can play without Wi-Fi, which, already, is great! To access the game, turn off your Wi-Fi, and run Chrome. Then, try and go to a web page, for example, our blog (shameless self promotion). A little pixelated dinosaur should appear, along with a message reading, “There is no Internet connection”. Now, tap space. The dinosaur should jump up, and a ground should appear, extending to the right. The dinosaur will start running, and the game will begin!

If you don’t want to turn off your Wi-Fi, you can still access the game here, and it’s possible to play this on mobile devices too!

Dinosaur Game

Breakout Images

This is a remake of the 1970s arcade game, Atari Breakout, in which you bounced a ball off of blocks, in order to break more blocks. It’s more fun than it sounds.

However, in Chrome, there’s a twist! Instead of the blocks just being solid colours, they’re images instead!

So, accessing the game. The first thing you need to do is go to Google Image search, which can be achieved by googling “images”. Or you can click here. Your choice.

The next thing to do is to search (in images) Atari Breakout. It should briefly show images of the game, and then shrink down into 5 rows of different coloured images.

After you’ve cleared all the blocks, Google will then randomly search something, and the game starts over, with different images!


Build With Chrome

Have you ever thought to yourself, “Hey, I want to play with some Lego”, but the only Lego you own are two broken, chewed up Lego sets? Well, this is your lucky day, as there’s a Chrome app called Build With Chrome, which, essentially, is online Lego. All you need to do to access it is google search “build with chrome”, and it’ll be the first thing to come up. Click on that link, and, once re-directed to the page, click on the arrow labelled “Start Building”, and make your Lego dreams come true!

Can’t be bothered to follow those instructions? Here’s a link to jump straight into building!

Build With Chrom.png

Smarty Pins

This one’s for all you geography fans out there. Smarty Pins is a game google made which utilises google maps, another popular service of theirs. However, instead of the map finding places for you, in Smarty Pins, you need to find places on the map! To play, simply Google “Smarty Pins”, or just follow the link here.

Smarty Pins.png