The Escapists : How to use the map editor

Upon loading up The Escapists, you are presented with two options on the title screen. Play the game, or build a prison. Today I will tell you what makes a good prison, what makes a bad prison, and how you can create an awesome prison!

To start your epic journey in prison building, you need to click the project button in the top left hand corner. Once you have done that, a drop down screen will appear. You’ll want to click the button that says ‘new’. From there, you can name your prison and choose your tile set! It is best if you choose the perks tile set.

To start building your prison you will need to know what the different blocks do. The confusing grid below will tell you where the most useful blocks are. I’ll do it based on where it is on the tab menu along the bottom A-H Up and down 1-1.


A-1 t section left                     A-7 vertical straight

A-2 t section down                 A-6 horizontal straight

A-3 corner bottom right        E-13 t section up

A-4 corner bottom left           E-12 t section right

A-5 corner top right                E-11 cross section

A-6 corner top left                  C-13 wooden floor


To set areas like cells or the shower, you need to go to the top just like you did to open the editor. This time, you must click on the layers button, then click on the zones button which just appeared below the layers button. This will give your screen a grey tint, where you then need to highlight the cells/area you want to edit. A block will appear with a dropdown box. Click on this and select what area you want it to become. All done!

Still confused? You can find a video tutorial here, here and here, but not here. That’s just a cat being silly.


The Escapists : Short review

Ever wanted to escape from a high security prison or build your own so other players can try to escape it? Well, if your answers to both those questions are ‘YES’ then read on! And if they weren’t, still, keep reading!

From starting the game, you are given options whether or not you want to play the game or build your own prison in the map editor. You can also change the language but usually, it automatically sets it for you. Upon clicking the play button, you are greeted with….

Nothing. My game just crashed.

After a few seconds, the game should load back up (phew) with some really groovy music playing in the background. From here you can select your character, choose their name and what prison you shall be trying to escape from.

Much like Chiptune Champion, The Escapists has an ever expanding workshop for you to download as many online prisons as you want for your amusement. You could download levels in which you could complete all 40+ achievements in one go, or you can have a go at the official prisons and try and escape one of them! Trust me, this is VERY VERY HARD to do (unless you’re a pro).