How to Unlock All the Characters in The Binding of Isaac

All of the Binding of Isaac games have characters to unlock, each with their own special abilities. Unfortunately though, some of them are pretty tough to unlock. That’s why I’m here with this awesome guide!

The original Binding of Isaac game has 6 characters that can be unlocked, and if you buy the ‘Wrath of the Lamb’ DLC you’ll have one extra!

In the next game, ‘The binding of Isaac: Rebirth’, there are 11 characters you can play as, seven of which are in the original and the Wrath of the Lamb DLC. For Rebirth you can buy another DLC called, ‘The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth’.


The Binding of Isaac (Original):

Isaac: Unlocked by default. Just load up the game to play as him.

Magdalene: Have 7 heart containers at the same time. Magdalene starts with the Yum Heart, which heals you by one heart.

Cain: Have 55 coins at any given time. However, this only works in one playthrough.

Judas: Defeat Mom’s Heart.

Eve: Make at least two deals with the devil in one run.

???: Defeat It Lives (a more difficult version of Mum’s Heart, unlocked after beating Mum’s Heart 9 times).


Wrath of the Lamb DLC:

Samson: Skip two treasure rooms and defeat Mum.

Tip: Try and go for Eve and Samson at the same time. 


The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth:

Isaac: Same as original.

Magdalene: Same as original.

Cain: Same as original.

Judas: Beat Satan

???: Beat Mum’s Heart 10 times.

Eve: Get past 2 floor in a row without collecting any health.

Samson: Beat 2 floors taking no damage. This is pretty hard.

Azazel: Make three deals with the devil in one run.

LazarusHave 4 soul hearts/black hearts at the same time.

Eden: Defeat Mum’s Heart (Every time you defeat Mum’s Heart you earn an Eden token which lets you play as Eden for one run).

The Lost: This character requires 4 steps to be unlocked. You must complete these steps in the order listed below. If not you’ll have to start all over again, which no one wants.

1) Isaac must die to a Mulliboom in the basement/cellar.

2) Magdalene must die to her own bomb in The caves/The Catacombs

3) Judas must die to any mum attack in The Depths/Necropolis. Being killed by any monster will spoil the entire attempt.

4) Azazel must die to any Satan attack in Sheol. Being killed by any monster will spoil the entire attempt. This includes The Fallen at the start of the Satan fight.

If you follow all these steps in that order, you’ll unlock The Lost in no time!


Afterbirth DLC:

The Lost: In Afterbirth it is much simpler to unlock The Lost. to unlock it, you just need to die in a sacrifice room holding the Missing Poster.

Lilith: Complete Greed Mode with Azazel.

Keeper: Give 1000 coins to the Greed Machine, which appears after every Ultra Greed fight.


Hopefully this guide helped you in your quest to unlock all the characters!

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The Binding of Isaac: Review

When Isaac’s dad runs away and leaves him with his hardcore-christian mother, young Isaac finds himself with time to spare. So like any other normal human, so he plays a game. The game he plays is what you play, just with more blood. And a whole lot more realism. And a dead cat called Guppy. As you traverse through the underground, you fight off deadly monsters that come racing towards you trying to kill you! Or hug you. I didn’t hang around long enough to find out.

binding of issaac screenshot

You use arrow keys to shoot and WASD to run about and to dodge certain death. E is used to drop a bomb, but beware: it drops directly at your feet and you can die from it. This game is about staying alive, just like every other survival game (duh).

The first thing you’re going to want to do is collect health. After that, I’d recommend you get upgrades. You don’t naturally regenerate health like that unrealistic game ‘Minecraft’. Health is really important, since without it you die. To collect health or HP you collect ‘hearth’, which gives you either ½ a red heart, 1 red heart, 1 soul heart or one evil black heart.


The aim of the game is to kill your mum (no joke). First kill her body, then you dive down into her uterus to kill her heart. Finally, you can either kill the lamb and Satan or yourself and blue baby. Killing all this with every character will unlock new and cool items for you to have fun with!