TerraTech – How to begin your adventure

When first loading up the game, you may be wondering what do I do in this strange new world. Well look no further! This guide will tell you the tips and tricks to help YOU on your way to world domination!


Step One – Choose your name


Upon loading up the game you’re prompted to pick a name. This may be the toughest decision you may every have to make every in your entire life. But don’t worry! You can change your name at any time you wish. It took me a matter of hours to come up with my username. I was stuck between ‘princess of the high order’ and ‘XxX_swagmister_XxX’.


Step Two – Starting the game


To start the game, you’ve surprisingly got to click the ‘start game’ button. Once you have filled in all your desired data numbers such as the seed and world name, you will have to click another button to properly start. For real this time, promise!


Step Three – Falling and Crashing


Starting the game will cause a cut scene to play. I’ll summarize it for those who are too lazy to watch it.

“Mayday! Mayday! We are going to crash…. Blah blah blah, something about scavenge the world and thrive…… Oh no we crashed.”

See, that was easy! You just saved five seconds of your life! I wonder what you should do with that time?


Step 4 – The really good information part


Crashing will cause a blue beam to appear above you from the sky. Instructions will appear at the bottom of your screen. BUT if you want to cheat and know what to do beforehand, follow these instructions:


1) Add the extra block to the back of your cab

2) Add the four wheels

3) Add the gun

4) Add the drill

5) Press b to remove the build beam (Blue beam above your cab)


Step Five – Destroying the enemies, expand your cab and THRIVE!


You are now free to do what you want! You can follow the quests (advised) or you could be a rebel and do whatever you want, the choose is yours. Now be brave! Adventure forth, and thrive in the world of TerraTech!


What the Heck is TerraTech?

TerraTech is a game by Payload Studios. It’s about making vehicles, adding weapons, and brutally destroying other players!

It’s a sandbox game with randomly generated enemies, and the occasional intruder coming into your world from theirs. There’s a crafting system too, so that you can make the weapons yourself instead going out to scavenge!

To craft the weapons you need to harvest resources. They’re normally found by breaking rocks and trees with your weapons/drills and selling them to buy new cool tools and more blocks to expand your vehicles.

Terratech Resources


Overall this vehicle fighting game is pretty awesome, and I personally think that more people should check it out!