All Terraria Achievements 4/4

That’s right, more achievements!

67: Till Death

Kill the groom, a zombie dressed in a suit and top hat.

68: Pretty in Pink

Have you noticed a small pink slime hopping around your world? Well, the next time you see that slime, kill it to earn this achievement!

69: Rainbows and Unicorns

Fire the rainbow gun while riding a unicorn.

70: You and What Army

Have nine minions simultaneously. To do this, wear full tiki armour and have a pygmy necklace, necromantic scroll and papyrus scarab.

71: Prismancer

Craft a rainbow rod using 8 souls of light, 15 souls of sight, 10 pixie duxt, 2 unicorn horns and 10 crystal shards!

72: It Can Talk?!

build a house in above ground mushroom biome and have the truffle move in.

73: Watch Your Step

Be a victim to an underground trap, e.g. a dart trap or one of those annoying boulders.

74: Marathon Medallist

Walk for 26.2 miles.

75: Glorious Golden Pole

Get a golden fishing rod from the angler. To do this, complete 30 of his quests!

76: Topped Off

Get max health and max mana.

77: You Can Do It

Live through your first night!

78: Matching Attire

Wear a full set of armour, of any kind.

79: Fish Out of Water

Defeat Duke Fishron. A big ol’ green shark monster.

80: Champion of Terraria

Defeat the Moon Lord

81: Do You Want to Slay a Snowman?

Defeat the frost legion and save santa!

82: Ice scream

Reach the 15th wave of the frost moon.

83: Mecha Mayhem

Defeat all three mechanical bosses at the same time (not at exactly the same time, you just need to summon them at the same time and then beat them all).

84: Archeologist

Kill Dr Bones

85: Slayer of Worlds

Defeat EVERY boss currently in the game.

86: Servant in Training

Complete 1 angler quest.

87: Good Little Slave

Complete 10 angler quests.

88: Trought Monkey

Complete 25 angler quests.

89: Fast and Fishious

Complete 50 angler quests.

90: Supreme Helper Minion

Complete 200 angler quests.


All Terraria Achievements 3/4


Well, I’m back at it again, but not with the white vans! Instead with the third part of my Terraria achievements series! Lets hope this third-parter isn’t as bad as the third matrix movie!

45: Tin Foil Hatter

defeat the Martian invasion (only available in hardmode)

46: Sticky Situation

Survive the slime rain. It’s as disgusting as it sounds.

47: Real Estate Agent

Have all NPCs living in your world at the same time.

48: Not The Bees

Fire a bee gun while wearing a full set of bee armour. Bees!

49: Jeepers Creepers

Find a spider cavern underground. If you explore for a while you’ll bump into one eventually!

50: Funkytown

Make or find an above-ground mushroom biome.

51: Into Orbit

Reach the very top of the world. It’s easiest to get this one on a small world.

52: Rock Bottom

Dig down to the very bottom of the world. Again, it’s easiest to get this one on a small world.

53: Gelatin World Tour

Kill EVERY slim there is (some spawn in hard mode, so make sure to track them down). Here’s a list of all the different slimes, just in case you need it!

54: Fashion Statement

Fill up every vanity slot with stuff.


55: Vehicular Manslaughter

Kill an enemy with a mine cart (ride into a monster at high speed).

56: Bulldozer

Mine 10,0000 blocks (easier said than done).

57: There Are Some Who Call Him…

Kill Tim, a skeleton wizard who spawns underground. You’ll have a higher chance of him spawning if you wear a special gem robe. Any gem will do, Tim isn’t picky.

58: Deceiver of Fools

Kill the Nymph (a Nymph is spawned when you get near the lost girl).

59: Sword of the Heroes

Craft a Terra Blade using 2 Broken Hero Swords, 1 Night’s Edge and 1 Excalibur.

60: Lucky Break

Fall and survive with 1 HP remaining. The optimum height for this is 74 blocks, assuming you have 500 health and no armour or special fall damage negating items.

61: Throwing Lines

Throw a Yo-Yo

62: Dye Hard

Put a dye in every dye slot.

63: Sick Throw

Kill the moon lord and get the Terrarian.

64: The Frequent Flyer

Spend 1 gold at the nurse healing yourself. Remember, this doesn’t have to be all at once.

65: The Cavalry

equip a mount in your mount slot and ride it!

66: Completely Awesome

Buy the Minishark from the arms dealer.



How to Unlock All the Terraria Achievements 1/4

In Terraria there are 88 total achievements. That’s too many for one blog post! How about a 2-parter? Nah, that’s still too many. A 3-parter? No, because 88÷3= 29.333…. Well, I guess that leaves us with four if we eliminate ANY number above 4. (these achievements are in a random order)

1: Timber

Swing your axe and chop down old Mr Tree to nab this achievement!

2: No Hobo

Build a house. All a house needs is a chair, a table, a light source and space with walls in the background.

3: Stop! Hammer time!

Craft or find a hammer.

4: Ooh! Shiny!

Mine some ore! Ore is that shiny, glittering stuff you’ve probably seen lying around in your world.

5: Heart Breaker

Dig down underground until you find a glowing red heart. Smash it with your pickaxe to get this one!

6: Heavy Metal

Craft an anvil with 5 iron or 5 lead.

7: I  Am Loot

Underground, you’ll often come across golden chests. Open one of them to get this achievement!

8: Star Power

Craft a mana crystal with 5 fallen stars and consume it to get 20 mana and an achievement!

9: Hold On Tight!

Craft and equip a grappling hook!

10: Eye on You

Gear up and defeat the Eye of Cthulu! There is peace for now…

11: Smashing, Poppet!

Use your hammer to destroy either a Crimson Heart or Shadow Orb in the crimson/corruption. Crimson Hearts are only found in the crimson, and Shadow Orbs are only found in the corruption.

12: Worm Fodder

Smash three Shadow Orbs or use the worm food to summon the Eater of Worlds, and defeat it to earn the achievement!

13: Mastermind

Destroy three Crimson Hearts or craft a bloody spine to summon the brain of Cthulhu. To get the achievement, beat it!

15: Where’s My Honey?

Delve into the depths of the jungle to find a bee hive.

16: Sting Operation

Defeat the Queen Bee in the beehive.

17: Boned

Curse the old man at the Dungeon and defeat the evil that comes from within.

18: Dungeon Heist

Kill a dungeon slime, which, surprise surprise, are found in the dungeon.

19: It’s Getting Hot in Here

Dig deep below the ground until you reach hell.

20: Miner for Fire

Craft a molten pickaxe using 35 hellstone bars.

21: Still Hungry

Throw a guide voodoo doll into lava to summon the Wall of Flesh. Then defeat it.

22: It’s Hard!

Defeat the Wall of Flesh, to make everything harder which releases the ancient spirits of light and dark. You’ll achieve this along with Still Hungry.


Terraria VS Minecraft: Enemies

Enemies can be super annoying, but they’re also pretty important. They make games more challenging, which makes it even more awesome when you win! But what are enemies like in Minecraft and Terraria? Keep reading to find out!


If you’ve played Minecraft before, you’ll be aware of the infamous Creeper. That’s right, the explosive green cucumber. As the name suggests, they creep up on you, giving almost no indication that they’re there apart from a quiet hissing sound. This is especially annoying if you play without sound effects, since you’ll have no idea it’s there and could easily lose a large chunk of your house. Unfortunately, this makes the Creeper a pretty great enemy. They’re quiet, ruthless, and very, very explosive.

What about Terraria? How do they do with their enemies? Numbers-wise, pretty great. Currently, Terraria has 300 enemies, not including the 29 bosses. That’s tons! The toughest ones are found underground, such as the Bone Serpent, Dragon Hornets and Angry Trappers. This makes mining much harder, which normally would be a bad thing, but, since this review is on the enemies of this game, that’s great! It’s what they’re meant to do!

One thing that kind of sucks about Minecraft enemies is how many of them there are. Minecraft has 18 hostile mobs, not counting the two bosses, and after a while, the game loses it’s challenge.

Moon Lord
The Moon Lord!

There’s even a setting to remove mobs! This makes the game boring after a while, whereas in Terraria there are loads of different enemies, making it much more challenging!

It’s not just Minecraft with enemy problems though: Terraria does too. But for Terraria, it’s not in the numbers. It’s in hardmode.

As soon as you enter hardmode, you’re bombarded with new enemies, each dealing lots of damage. Now, this would be great! This review, as stated before, is on enemies, and the tougher the better! But are the hardmode enemies too tough? Sure, the further you get in the game the better armour you’ll have, but at the start of your hardmode adventure, you almost definitely won’t have that armour. And you’ll be slaughtered. Sorry.

I think that Terraria’s hardmode enemies are far too tough, especially for those who have just started, and that Re-Logic should tone down the damage just a tad!

In conclusion, I think I’m going to have to say that Terraria wins this round. They have loads more enemies, which in turn have loads more drops, giving the player loads of cool items! Minecraft just doesn’t have enough enemies currently, and it really does make the game boring after a while. Sorry Minecraft, Terraria wins today!

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Terraria VS Minecraft: Music

Music plays a large part in games. It can create atmosphere, build up tension, and, if used correctly, can make an awful game 100 times better. So which of these two games has the best music? Time to find out!

When I first began playing Minecraft, and the soft piano notes of C418 began playing, I thought, “Wow! What a lovely game!” And it is. It’s a good game, even if @henryblundell (co-editor) doesn’t think so! In fact, one of the best things about the music is how many different tracks there are. There are 12 songs that play during general gameplay, which is a pretty wide range just for playing the game. As well as that, there are 4 different songs for the Nether, and 4 main menu songs too.

Does Terraria have such a wide range of music? Actually, yes! In fact, I’m pretty sure they have more! Where Minecraft has 12 gameplay songs, Terraria has 36! But how are these songs different to Minecraft’s? Well for one, they’re MUCH more upbeat, and, along with the pixel graphics, give the game a much more arcade-y feel.

The only downside to Terraria’s happy chiptunes is this: they can get repetitive. Yes. After a while, it doesn’t become fun to listen to them anymore. It become’s boring, and makes the game slightly less enjoyable. Minecraft, however, doesn’t share this trait. Their slow, peaceful piano melodies don’t seem to get boring, because there are different songs each time you play! Sure, there are different songs in Terraria, but to listen to them you have to go to their respective biomes, which is a pain.

Unfortunately for Minecraft though, the thing they best Terraria at in the music category is actually their downfall. Yes, their songs don’t get boring, but that’s because they already are boring! Almost all the gameplay songs are slower than Terraria’s, and if you play for long enough, the gameplay becomes almost as slow as the music.

Terraria’s songs are catchier, but after a while, they get dull. Minecraft’s music never gets boring, but it’s much slower, making it dull already. I mean, you can’t lose what you never had, can you? In conclusion, I think that Terraria does win this round. Their songs are catchy, and once you immerse yourself in the gameplay, you don’t even really notice the tune!

Now I know what you’re thinking: “Hey! Terraria won the first category, and then Minecraft won the second, and now Terraria takes the third! These these guys are just having each game win every other category!” We’re not. It’s just a coincidence!


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How to Beat the Wall of Flesh: Strategies and Tips

The Wall of Flesh is the toughest boss pre-hardmode, and if it was up to me, I wouldn’t have fought it. Ever. Unfortunately however, the only way to get into hardmode from a normal world is through beating it, which can be a pretty tough challenge, especially if your weaponry is a bit rubbish. Why get into hardmode? Well, the most powerful weapons are only craftable in hardmode, you can make wings, and there are unicorns. I think that’s enough to convince you!


Weapons are an extremely important part of the fight against the WoF, as they’re almost the only way you’re going to deal it any damage. I recommend your main weapon being the Phoenix Blaster, with ammunition of meteor shots. The only problem with that is the crafting of the Phoenix Blaster. You’ll need a handgun, which are pretty hard to find, and 10 hellstone bars. The other weapon I recommend you’d get is the Night’s Edge, which is useful in up-close combat with The Hungry. As well as that, it comes in very useful when you’re attacked by Leeches, since they’re pretty fast, and hard to hit with your gun.


If you’re going to stand any chance against the Wall of Flesh, then you’re going to need good armour. I mean, how are you going to use your awesome new weapons if you can’t survive for more than five minutes? I’d recommend using Molten Armour. It’s the strongest armour pre-hardmode, and will give you an even better chance of winning! The only problem with it is that you’ll need loads of hellstone. More specifically, you’ll need 135 hellstone, and 45 obsidian. Don’t have the resources? The next best thing is crimson/shadow armour, which give you a total of 19 defense.


Never been a fan of these multicoloured mixtures? Well get ready to have them become your new best friend, since the buffs and abilities these potions will give you can make you almost invincible! These are the potions I’d recommend getting:


You know those five little slots below the places for your armour that fill up way too fast? Yeah? Well it’s time to put those spaces to good use! The first item you’ll want to try and get are the lightning boots or spectre boots, since they’ll help you jump, dodge and fly out of the way of lasers and monsters! As well as magic boots, I’d suggest grabbing a lucky horseshoe, especially of you’ve equipped an item that grants flight. If you don’t, you could very easily die from fall damage, which definitely isn’t the best way to go.


The terrain in The Underworld is pretty dangerous, and as well as the annoyingly large buildings that occasionally pop up, there are also huge pools of lava. That’s why most people recommend building a platform over everything, at least half the world wide. That’s what I did before fighting, and it definitely helps. It works even better with lightning boots/spectre boots, since you can sprint away from danger even faster that way! Building the platform all the way across The Underworld isn’t necessary in a large world, because you have so much space to fight the WoF in, but having a platform all across in a smaller world definitely helps.


Terraria VS Minecraft: Graphics

Graphics are extremely important to games. They’re the first thing you see, and can often shape your entire opinion of what you’re about to play. So what are the graphics like on these two games? Time to find out!

In both Minecraft and Terraria, the graphics are pretty similar. Pixelated. However, when playing Minecraft, it feels like I’m playing in higher definition. Everything looks pretty awesome, and with mods such as shaders, a boring empty desert can become an oasis of sandy delight! As well as that, the pixels look sharper, which makes the game feel modern and unique. Minecraft suddenly becomes much more enjoyable!

Minecraft Oasis Shaders.png

In Terraria, this isn’t the case. Like Minecraft, it’s pixelated, but the fact that it’s 2D makes the game feel like it’s jumped out from the past. I mean, I’m a huge fan of pixel graphics, and if a blast from the past is what Re-Logic was going for, then great! Awesome! But if they were going for a modern vibe like Minecraft, I don’t think they’ve quite achieved that.

Another issue I have with Terraria’s graphics is in the PS Vita version when you pick something up in your inventory. Whilst dragging it across the screen, the item is shown bigger, so you can see it from behind your finger. The re-sized item is shown in HD quality, and I have absolutely no complaints there! I love HD, it’s the best. The thing I have a problem with is when you drag stacks of items across the screen. The block is shown in larger, HD quality, but the number immediately goes blurry. Up close, that font is ugly. And making it blurrier definitely doesn’t do it any favours.


One of the only complaints I have about Minecraft graphics comes in the form of item art. As you almost definitely know, every item in Minecraft is represented by it’s little pixel art sprite thing. That’s great and all, but aside from all the block art, I just don’t think they made all the effort they could’ve, especially for items. All the art for the items and blocks whilst in the inventory look pretty basic, and I doubt it’s that hard to re-create! Obviously Mojang spent ages on their game, and the programming is great, but if you’re going to put so much effort into the code behind it, why not put just as much effort into the art?

But where Minecraft falls, Terraria rises up, like a phoenix from the pixelated ashes! There are 3646 different items in Terraria, and one poor design team had to make a tiny graphic for each one. Each item is incredibly detailed, and looks amazing both in and out of the inventory.

Unfortunately for Terraria however, it looks like Minecraft has won in this category. Their graphics are superior, and no matter how hard Re-Logic tries, they’ll never be able to make 2D graphics more impressive than the 3D art of Minecraft.


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