How to Become a God in Portal

Ever opened up Portal and thought, “Oh man, I wish there were some cool hidden features in this awesome sci-fi adventure game!” You have? Well then, this article may be the most exciting thing you read all year!

To be able to unlock the powers of a God, you will first have to activate the developer console. You can see how in the slideshow below, but there are instructions below too. The same instructions apply in Portal 2 as well.

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  1. Go to options

  2. Keyboard > Advanced > Enable Developer Console

  3. Click ‘OK’, then exit back to the main menu

Now that’s all done, go and create a new game on a level of your choosing, and press the tilde key (the key above tab). A grey box should appear on your screen. If not, just repeat the above steps. If it still doesn’t work, your computer is haunted. Burn it and run.

Before you go and type commands in, you need to input this very important one first, which will give you the abilities to become invincible, no-clip everywhere and even spawn in your very own jeep! Here it is:

sv_cheats 1 

I bet you thought it was something more complicated. When you’ve done that, feel free to input any code from the list below and have fun!

Just to warn you, if you try and do a challenge map with cheats turned on, the attempt that you did will not be counted, so be wary of that.

List of most fun/useful cheats:

noclip – This makes it so that the first person camera isn’t obstructed by objects. In short, you can go through walls!

god – Invincibility.

buddha – You can take damage but won’t die.

firstperson – First person viewing.

thirdperson – Third person viewing.

notarget – Turrets will not shoot you, no matter how hard you tea-bag.

Want some more commands? [CLICK HERE]


Portal: Achievement Guide

So you’ve downloaded Portal, played through the incredible story and have decided to get all the achievements. Good for you! Here’s how to do it:

Lab Rat:

This one is story-related achievement so you’ll get it as you play. You obtain this achievement by acquiring the other colour of portal.


For this one you must put your companion cube into the incinerator. Sad, but you must do what you have to to survive.


To achieve this, you must escape the fire pit, which, when I played through the game I almost didn’t do. Good luck.



You’ll get this once you have defeated GLaDOS and have beaten the game.

Friendly Fire:

This one is quite simple, as all you have to do is pick up a turret and knock over another. They never did anything to you, you monster!

Terminal Velocity:

To get this achievement you must wait till after you have both colour portals, which you can’t get before chamber 11.

Long Jump:

This is a slightly tricky one as you have to get a very long test chamber and jump 300 feet. One of the best rooms to do this in is the turret ambush room.

After you’ve gotten rid of all the turrets, then place a portal on the wall and then another one on the floor and just keep jumping into it until you have the achievement!

Camera Shy:

This achievement is quite easy, as all you’ve got to do is detach some security cameras off the wall.


Transmission Received:

This achievement isn’t available on your first play through of the game so you’ve got to wait to get this one. You have to find the hidden radios, pick them up, and wander around like an idiot for an hour trying to get the light to turn green. Simple.


Complete two advanced Test Chambers.


Complete four advanced Test Chambers.

Vanilla Crazy Cake:

Complete ALL the advanced Test Chambers! That’s six maps, 18 levels!

Basic Science:

To complete this achievement you are required to earn bronze on all the challenges that are found in the main menu. There are three challenges in each map, and you must finish all the challenges with at least a bronze rating.

Rocket Science:

Earn at least a silver ratings on all the challenges to get this.

Aperture Science:

The hardest achievement within the game. For this one, you must complete all the challenges with a gold rating! Good luck!

Portal Stories: Mel

I recently downloaded Portal Stories: Mel, and I love it. I may of only played a teeny-weeny bit of it so far but it is still really good!

Portal Stories: Mel is a fan made game based in the Portal world. It is set before the two original Portal games, and tells the story of Mel, and how she tries to escape the old Aperture Science with the help of a mysterious unknown speaker.

Early on in the game you acquire a prototype portal gun, partly made of paper clips, so you know its reliable 🙂 This game may be a fan made mod, but that doesn’t mean it’s bad. I think that personally, it is one of the best mods for 2 of my favourite games ever made!