How to Make Flash Boots in Minecraft

Do you ever find yourself walking through your Minecraft world thinking, “You know what would be awesome? Running as fast as the flash can. In Minecraft. That would be pretty cool.”? I know I have. Well, luckily for you, I know how to do just that!

Step 1: Obtain a command block

To do this, execute this command in chat (make sure cheats are enabled):

/give <your username> minecraft:command_block

That will give you a command block! Just place that down, and await my further instructions…


Step 2: Input a command

Now paste this command into the command block:

/give @p leather_boots 1 0 {display:{Name:"Flash Boots",Lore:["The Fastest Man Alive"]},AttributeModifiers:[{AttributeName:"generic.movementSpeed",Name:"Speed",  Amount:2,Operation:0,UUIDMost:45775,UUIDLeast:305137}]}

After you’ve pasted that command into the command block, place a button on it and flick it. That should give you some leather boots entitled, “Flash Boots”.

When you put them on, your view will zoom out quite a bit. To change it so it looks normal for you, slide your POV down 20.

Now just change your skin to The Flash and dye those boots yellow! You really are the fastest man alive….


This isn’t my original code. I’m pretty sure it was made by a guy called epicexplosivekid, who posted the code on Minecraft Command Science! If you want to see the original code, you can find it here.

All credit to epicexplosivekid!


Modded Minecraft is Actually Quite Good but Generally Really Bad Because it’s Minecraft


Have you ever got bored of playing vanilla Minecraft? I did after about 5 minutes, which is why is why I started playing modded Minecraft. However, it took me much longer to realise that it is exactly the same game, just for people who can see that the original game is terrible.

In modded Minecraft there are single stand alone mods and there are modpacks which are mods put together. I used the FTB launcher along with the Curse launcher because I personally feel it’s much better to load and launch mods with. But you could use AT launcher, or maybe if that’s not what your looking for, VoidsWrath.

But what if you get bored of modded Minecraft? well welcome to my world where you realise that Minecraft is a game with time travelling graphics from the 80s and only captures the heart of infants below 5 and people who started playing Minecraft on YouTube, and now can’t stop because their entire fanbase is comprised of 2 year olds.



I used to love Minecraft. Then I used to kinda like it. Now I hate it with all my passion.When it first came out, the game was small and not many people knew about it. This was when the game was good (if it was ever) because it wasn’t mainstream. But now it’s everywhere! I cant walk into a book shop without seeing one of the few thousand ‘Minecraft manuals’ there are. I mean, do you really need a manual to learn how to walk and jump? Nope. The books are a waste of money, and so are all the clothes they make. WHY would you want a t-shirt with a diagram of a creeper on it? There’s not much to learn about them! Big green thing that goes BOOM.  That should be it, but nooooooooo.

The game itself it very simple, which work for most games but in this case it does not. Maybe it’s the graphics that came from the 80’s to come and rest in a game which could for been 12% better. With the game having a pretty low rating from me from the get-go, by the end of this article it’s dropped down further. “Why?”, I hear your voices cry. Well, because there can be floating islands (does Minecraft gravity only apply to gravel and sand?), 1.9 has ruined everything, and worst of all, a rubbish ending. I mean, why give credits to the hard workers that programmed and designed the game when you could make two omnipotent beings having a short chat?