Papers, Please: Achievement Guide

Papers, Please is a simple, yet hilarious, pixel-style game, in which you check papers at a border. It’s more fun than it sounds! There aren’t many achievements, but unfortunately some of them are pretty tough to get, which is why we made this guide to help you catch em’ all!

Impor token:

On Day 4, the fifth entrant is a woman excited to see her son. Unfortunately, her papers aren’t up to scratch… Break the law and let her in to gain this achievement!

Antegria token:

An Antegrian man with correct papers will come on Day 5, along with his wife. He’ll ask you to let her in, but it turns out she does not have correct papers! If you let her in, you’ll get the Antegrian Token, along with an achievement and the respect of your peers.

The mysterious Antegrian man…

Obristan token:

Jorji Costava is the BEST character in the game, and has the funniest dialogue! You can’t help but love this character! To get this achievement, all you have to do is let him in, but he doesn’t have proper papers till Day 11, so you can either wait, or you can get a citation. Your choice.

Arstotzka token:

On Day 12, an Arstotzkan citizen by the name of Messof Anegovych will give you four business cards to give to any engineers that pass through. All you have to do is distribute all four before he comes back on Day 16, and you’ll get the token.

Republia token:

When Danic Lorun comes in on Day 21 and asks you to break the law and let him in without proper documents, he gives you his watch as insurance, promising to return. Hold onto it, so that on Day 23 when he returns, you can give it back to him, in return for 1o credits. However, the rascal that he is changes his mind, and asks for his credits AND the watch back! To get the achievement, give back the credits, so he sees the error of his ways.

Danic Loran

Kolechia token:

On Day 25, the 5th entrant will give you THE MOST BEAUTIFUL LOVE LETTER EVER! If you give it to the depressed seventh entrant then you will get the token.

United Federation token:

On Day 29, a man asks you to confiscate the passport of a “Simon Wens”. The next day, when Wens tries to enter, do as instructed and take the passport. However, make sure you don’t arrest him. When the man returns later, giving him Wens’ passport will secure you this token.

The Hidden Achievements…

Glory to Arstotzka:

To get the “Glory to Arstotzka” achievement, ignore all of the EZIC requests, burn all the gift money, neutralize both attackers AND stay in Arstotzka. As a nice little bonus, getting this also unlocks endless mode!

Hired Rifle:

Only available on Day 23 when the EZIC guy asks you to kill the man in red with the sniper rifle. Do so and you’ll have one more achievement under your belt, as well as a nice pair of handcuffs and a cellmate named Bob.

Member of the Order:

To become a Member of the Order you must have completed 4 out of 5 of the EZIC tasks and have allow the EZIC members to breach the border on Day 31. You become a member, and are moved to a better apartment! Win, win situation? Probably!

EZIC Task on Day 13.

Snowier Pastures:

For this achievement you must escape to Obristan with all of your currently alive family members. To do this, you must “collect” enough passports for your family AND have enough money (25 credits per family member). The things you do for this family…

Too Honest:

Turn over the EZIC documents to the Ministry of Intelligence investigator on day 12. If you’re an honest person, you may have accidentally gotten this achievement already!

Worker’s Best

For this one, upgrade to a Class 5 apartment. The earliest you can do this is day 22, if you’re living in a Class 6 apartment already.

The end of Day 29!

Portal: Achievement Guide

So you’ve downloaded Portal, played through the incredible story and have decided to get all the achievements. Good for you! Here’s how to do it:

Lab Rat:

This one is story-related achievement so you’ll get it as you play. You obtain this achievement by acquiring the other colour of portal.


For this one you must put your companion cube into the incinerator. Sad, but you must do what you have to to survive.


To achieve this, you must escape the fire pit, which, when I played through the game I almost didn’t do. Good luck.



You’ll get this once you have defeated GLaDOS and have beaten the game.

Friendly Fire:

This one is quite simple, as all you have to do is pick up a turret and knock over another. They never did anything to you, you monster!

Terminal Velocity:

To get this achievement you must wait till after you have both colour portals, which you can’t get before chamber 11.

Long Jump:

This is a slightly tricky one as you have to get a very long test chamber and jump 300 feet. One of the best rooms to do this in is the turret ambush room.

After you’ve gotten rid of all the turrets, then place a portal on the wall and then another one on the floor and just keep jumping into it until you have the achievement!

Camera Shy:

This achievement is quite easy, as all you’ve got to do is detach some security cameras off the wall.


Transmission Received:

This achievement isn’t available on your first play through of the game so you’ve got to wait to get this one. You have to find the hidden radios, pick them up, and wander around like an idiot for an hour trying to get the light to turn green. Simple.


Complete two advanced Test Chambers.


Complete four advanced Test Chambers.

Vanilla Crazy Cake:

Complete ALL the advanced Test Chambers! That’s six maps, 18 levels!

Basic Science:

To complete this achievement you are required to earn bronze on all the challenges that are found in the main menu. There are three challenges in each map, and you must finish all the challenges with at least a bronze rating.

Rocket Science:

Earn at least a silver ratings on all the challenges to get this.

Aperture Science:

The hardest achievement within the game. For this one, you must complete all the challenges with a gold rating! Good luck!

All Terraria Achievements 4/4

That’s right, more achievements!

67: Till Death

Kill the groom, a zombie dressed in a suit and top hat.

68: Pretty in Pink

Have you noticed a small pink slime hopping around your world? Well, the next time you see that slime, kill it to earn this achievement!

69: Rainbows and Unicorns

Fire the rainbow gun while riding a unicorn.

70: You and What Army

Have nine minions simultaneously. To do this, wear full tiki armour and have a pygmy necklace, necromantic scroll and papyrus scarab.

71: Prismancer

Craft a rainbow rod using 8 souls of light, 15 souls of sight, 10 pixie duxt, 2 unicorn horns and 10 crystal shards!

72: It Can Talk?!

build a house in above ground mushroom biome and have the truffle move in.

73: Watch Your Step

Be a victim to an underground trap, e.g. a dart trap or one of those annoying boulders.

74: Marathon Medallist

Walk for 26.2 miles.

75: Glorious Golden Pole

Get a golden fishing rod from the angler. To do this, complete 30 of his quests!

76: Topped Off

Get max health and max mana.

77: You Can Do It

Live through your first night!

78: Matching Attire

Wear a full set of armour, of any kind.

79: Fish Out of Water

Defeat Duke Fishron. A big ol’ green shark monster.

80: Champion of Terraria

Defeat the Moon Lord

81: Do You Want to Slay a Snowman?

Defeat the frost legion and save santa!

82: Ice scream

Reach the 15th wave of the frost moon.

83: Mecha Mayhem

Defeat all three mechanical bosses at the same time (not at exactly the same time, you just need to summon them at the same time and then beat them all).

84: Archeologist

Kill Dr Bones

85: Slayer of Worlds

Defeat EVERY boss currently in the game.

86: Servant in Training

Complete 1 angler quest.

87: Good Little Slave

Complete 10 angler quests.

88: Trought Monkey

Complete 25 angler quests.

89: Fast and Fishious

Complete 50 angler quests.

90: Supreme Helper Minion

Complete 200 angler quests.

All Terraria Achievements 3/4


Well, I’m back at it again, but not with the white vans! Instead with the third part of my Terraria achievements series! Lets hope this third-parter isn’t as bad as the third matrix movie!

45: Tin Foil Hatter

defeat the Martian invasion (only available in hardmode)

46: Sticky Situation

Survive the slime rain. It’s as disgusting as it sounds.

47: Real Estate Agent

Have all NPCs living in your world at the same time.

48: Not The Bees

Fire a bee gun while wearing a full set of bee armour. Bees!

49: Jeepers Creepers

Find a spider cavern underground. If you explore for a while you’ll bump into one eventually!

50: Funkytown

Make or find an above-ground mushroom biome.

51: Into Orbit

Reach the very top of the world. It’s easiest to get this one on a small world.

52: Rock Bottom

Dig down to the very bottom of the world. Again, it’s easiest to get this one on a small world.

53: Gelatin World Tour

Kill EVERY slim there is (some spawn in hard mode, so make sure to track them down). Here’s a list of all the different slimes, just in case you need it!

54: Fashion Statement

Fill up every vanity slot with stuff.


55: Vehicular Manslaughter

Kill an enemy with a mine cart (ride into a monster at high speed).

56: Bulldozer

Mine 10,0000 blocks (easier said than done).

57: There Are Some Who Call Him…

Kill Tim, a skeleton wizard who spawns underground. You’ll have a higher chance of him spawning if you wear a special gem robe. Any gem will do, Tim isn’t picky.

58: Deceiver of Fools

Kill the Nymph (a Nymph is spawned when you get near the lost girl).

59: Sword of the Heroes

Craft a Terra Blade using 2 Broken Hero Swords, 1 Night’s Edge and 1 Excalibur.

60: Lucky Break

Fall and survive with 1 HP remaining. The optimum height for this is 74 blocks, assuming you have 500 health and no armour or special fall damage negating items.

61: Throwing Lines

Throw a Yo-Yo

62: Dye Hard

Put a dye in every dye slot.

63: Sick Throw

Kill the moon lord and get the Terrarian.

64: The Frequent Flyer

Spend 1 gold at the nurse healing yourself. Remember, this doesn’t have to be all at once.

65: The Cavalry

equip a mount in your mount slot and ride it!

66: Completely Awesome

Buy the Minishark from the arms dealer.



How to Unlock All the Terraria Achievements 1/4

In Terraria there are 88 total achievements. That’s too many for one blog post! How about a 2-parter? Nah, that’s still too many. A 3-parter? No, because 88÷3= 29.333…. Well, I guess that leaves us with four if we eliminate ANY number above 4. (these achievements are in a random order)

1: Timber

Swing your axe and chop down old Mr Tree to nab this achievement!

2: No Hobo

Build a house. All a house needs is a chair, a table, a light source and space with walls in the background.

3: Stop! Hammer time!

Craft or find a hammer.

4: Ooh! Shiny!

Mine some ore! Ore is that shiny, glittering stuff you’ve probably seen lying around in your world.

5: Heart Breaker

Dig down underground until you find a glowing red heart. Smash it with your pickaxe to get this one!

6: Heavy Metal

Craft an anvil with 5 iron or 5 lead.

7: I  Am Loot

Underground, you’ll often come across golden chests. Open one of them to get this achievement!

8: Star Power

Craft a mana crystal with 5 fallen stars and consume it to get 20 mana and an achievement!

9: Hold On Tight!

Craft and equip a grappling hook!

10: Eye on You

Gear up and defeat the Eye of Cthulu! There is peace for now…

11: Smashing, Poppet!

Use your hammer to destroy either a Crimson Heart or Shadow Orb in the crimson/corruption. Crimson Hearts are only found in the crimson, and Shadow Orbs are only found in the corruption.

12: Worm Fodder

Smash three Shadow Orbs or use the worm food to summon the Eater of Worlds, and defeat it to earn the achievement!

13: Mastermind

Destroy three Crimson Hearts or craft a bloody spine to summon the brain of Cthulhu. To get the achievement, beat it!

15: Where’s My Honey?

Delve into the depths of the jungle to find a bee hive.

16: Sting Operation

Defeat the Queen Bee in the beehive.

17: Boned

Curse the old man at the Dungeon and defeat the evil that comes from within.

18: Dungeon Heist

Kill a dungeon slime, which, surprise surprise, are found in the dungeon.

19: It’s Getting Hot in Here

Dig deep below the ground until you reach hell.

20: Miner for Fire

Craft a molten pickaxe using 35 hellstone bars.

21: Still Hungry

Throw a guide voodoo doll into lava to summon the Wall of Flesh. Then defeat it.

22: It’s Hard!

Defeat the Wall of Flesh, to make everything harder which releases the ancient spirits of light and dark. You’ll achieve this along with Still Hungry.


XeoDrifter: Achievement Guide

XeoDrifter is an awesome pixel-style platformer, and although it’s annoyingly short, the 16 achievements make it slightly longer! Here’s how to get them!

Submarine Power

This will almost definitely be the first achievement you’ll get, and luckily for you, it’s also unavoidable! You’ll achieve it after beating the first boss and grabbing the submarine power-up it drops.

Plane Shift Power

Like the previous achievement, this one’s also unavoidable. To get it, you’ll have to beat the second boss and pick up the the plane shift power-up. This’ll get you the second achievement!

Run Power

If you haven’t already guessed it, to get this achievement you need to beat another boss. More specifically the third boss. After you’ve beaten it, picking up the item dropped will earn you the achievement.

Xeodrifter 3rd Boss.gif

Rocket Power

Beat fourth boss. Pick up item. Achievement earned.

Solar Flare Power

I wonder what you’ve got to do to get this achievement? Could it possibly have anything to do with beating the fifth boss? Who knows?

Phaze Power

Beat the sixth boss. Pick up item. Achievement earned. Whoa, did anyone else get a feeling of déjà vu?


To get this achievement, you’ve got to explore every nook and cranny of the map. Unfortunately, this also includes the secret areas, which makes it a lot harder to achieve.


Whilst playing XeoDrifter, you’ll most likely happen upon red, box-like things. These are gun upgrades, which you use to make your space blaster thing even stronger. By collecting all these, you’ll not only earn yourself an achievement, but you’ll also end up with a pretty sweet gun!

Security Blanket

Like the previous achievement, this one is earned by collecting a ton of special boxes that powers up your little spaceman. This time however, the boxes are green. In the words of Ash Ketchum, “You gotta catch em’all!”



Beat the game in under an hour. Luckily for you, the games pretty short, and if you’re a good gamer, you can probably beat it even quicker!


This one’s hard. You need to beat the final boss without losing any life. Fortunately, you can re-fight him repeatedly in all your saves. When you’re trying to get this achievement, I would recommend starting the fight with only one life left, because it gets annoying after having to wait to die after being hit once.

We’re Sorry

Kill one of those stupid flying bat things. They’re my least favourite enemy, because they’re the worst thing ever.


Warp Drive Engage

Beat the game!


You know when you’re fighting a boss and it goes into that weird blue force field? Just destroy that to earn yourself this achievement. I recommend using a fully charged solar flare.


During a boss fight, sometimes the boss will jump into the background to re-charge it’s health. When it’s doing that, jump into the background with it and shoot some of the health things. Collect one of those, and you’ll not only gain a life, you’ll also gain an achievement.

Secret Stash

Hidden throughout each world are secret blocks that, when destroyed, refill 3 or 4 lives. To get this achievement, just find one!

XeoDrifter Secret Stash.gif

LOVE: Achievement Guide

LOVE is a retro-style platformer in which you play as a stick man running and jumping through various dangerous obstacles. There are 19 achievements to get, which isn’t many. Unfortunately, a lot of them are pretty hard. Here’s how to get them!

Game Cleared

This one’s easy. Just beat the game! It only takes an hour or so, and if you’re good, even less time! Keep in mind that you cannot earn this achievement in easy.


This is a bit trickier. You’ve got to complete the game in YOLO mode, in which you literally only live once. Don’t die!

Gotta Go Fast

Beat the game in speedrun mode in 12 minutes or less. It might take a couple of times for you to get this one, so you should familiarize yourself with the levels first. You’ll get there eventually!


Beat game in speedrun mode. Submit score. Achievement get!

Slacker (C rank)

Get a C grade or higher. The requirements to get a C grade are unclear, but I achieved it with a score of around 1500.

Day Dreamer (B rank)

Again, it’s unclear of the exact requirements, but I think a score of about 2000 will get it.

Studious (A rank)

That’s right, you guessed it! Unclear requirements, blah blah. I reckon a 2500 – 3000 score. Sorry for the ambiguous guide.

Top of the class (A++ rank)

The best tip I can give you to get this one is to complete the game without using checkpoints. This boosts your score by a load of points, and if you complete the game in a decent time as well, you’re almost definitely guaranteed an A++.


Bounce on a ton of bounce pads (white oval things). They’re scattered throughout the levels, so you should get it first time!

Overly Cautious

You get this achievement for setting loads of respawn points. I’d recommend spamming X (set respawn) a bunch of times at the start.


As is stated quite obviously by the acronym, You Only Live Nine Hundred and Ninety Nine Times. The best way to get this is to set a respawn point next to a large pit/spiky object and hold down left or right.

The Direct Approach

To achieve this, you’ve got to take the most direct route through level 2. It’s not as easy to explain as I thought, so there’s a video tutorial here.

Shortcut Taker

Successfully take the shortcut on level 3 without dying. There’s a video tutorial here.

Secret of the Slow Tube

Whoa, look another video tutorial! This achievement can be achieved in level 4. You can find it here.

What Are You Doing Up There?

To achieve this you need to jump up on top of that big yellow sloping thing you spawn under in level 5.

Not a Drop

This one’s super easy. All you need to do is get through level 6 (the one with the contamination warning) without getting touching any of the white droplets/falling into the pools of it.

Without a Scratch

Complete level 8 without meeting an untimely demise.

The High Road

To get this, use the bounce pads in stage 10 to jump over the first obstacle (a big blue spiky rectangle).

The Low Road

Again, this achievement is located in stage 10. This time, instead of going over the first spiky obstacle, go under it. You can do this by spamming jump (z) whilst bouncing, which limits how high you can bounce on the pads. Spam it when going under the spikes, and the achievement is yours!


That’all the achievements! You can buy the game from Steam here for the meager price of £1.99!