About us

Who are we?

We’re two friends who enjoy playing (and then writing about) games.

Why did we start this website?

We began this site to fulfill a requirement for a DofE award, but kept writing after we finished the award.

Why’s there a huge gap between so many of your articles?

We have other responsibilities! Unfortunately, since we’re both doing A-Levels, we don’t have loads of spare time that’s not taken up by coursework, jobs, and revision. The good news is, we’ve had loads of time to play new games, so there’s plenty of future content to write about!

Why should I keep reading your articles?

Damn, good question. Well, we’d like to think our writing style is easy to read and conversational, and we put information first. When you’re reading a review, we get to the point. When you’re reading a guide, we give the clearest instructions. When you’re reading an ‘about us’ page, we tell you about us!


We hope you enjoy our content, and find something useful on our site. Enjoy your stay!