Sans Undertale an in depth review

As many of you are aware the popular video game character Sans Undertale exploded in popularity a few years ago and achieved fame only some of us mere mortals  will acquire. Many of you will of never of heard of Sans Undertale and i want to be the one to enlighten to our one true saviour.


Sans Undertale originates from the classic indie title Undertale for the Nintendo 64. He also make a appearance in the hit titles super smash brother for the Nintendo Wii and cooking mama for the Nintendo DS. Sans has also appeared in various other video games spanning multiple consoles across multiple decades ranging from the Soulja game too the Sega dream cast. This skeleton has truly been everywhere!

His first appearance in Undertale is just after you finish dunking on the 3rd boss Freddy fazbear. He appears in the shadows luring at this point you cant interact with him merely observe him but this is enough to send shivers down your spine. Hackers have however been able to use the well known ‘Bush clip’ to be able to go of bounds to be able to reach Sans to talk to him despite this and interaction with this mythical being is still impossible in this area.

A little know fact about Sans is that he has a brother! Papryus Undertale is unlike his brother. He is one of the few characters able to used as a ‘buddy’using him will grand you special bone like abilities allowing you to change the way the game plays *check out our full review of Undertale for the Nintendo 64 here* Having easy access to Papryus allows players to gather information on Sans without even taking to him.

maxresdefault (1).jpg

Sans is no mere skeleton unknown to most is that he is  immortal and he hides this skill very well. With him only demonstrating it at the very end of the Stalin boss fight only if your 4 skill levels have and average of exactly 43. Unfortunately as this event has such an unlikely chance to occur it only has one recording of it happening, ever other time this has happened is from hackers altering the predetermined stat values of the player to guarantee that all four are 43.

Sans second major appearance is in the little know title for the Nintendo Wii U another gamer which goes by the name Deltarune. Sans plays an even larger role in this game acting as the protagonists rivals constantly challenging the player to duels involving throwing both rocks and bone at each other.

How has sans changed the face of gaming forever?

Undertale has changed the way the world works. It’s unique battle and capture mechanics have been replicated in hundreds of other games all the way from fortnite to WWE 2K19.  Sans unique ability to use a heavy shotgun and simultaneously both whip and nae-nae allover his enemies. The best replication of this mechanic was done in fortnite with ground breaking emote system.


Sans has appeared in so many other games that listing them all will be virtually impossible so we will just list the most influential:

Fortnite, Super Smash Brothers (for the Wii u), Farming simulator 2020, Deltarune, New Super Mario bros (for the DS), Minecraft, Mario kart Wii (only available as an exclusive DLC character) and Twenty one pilots new album Trench (Jumpsans, My sans and neon gravesans)

I hope from this i have enlightened you on one of gaming true icons and how the shape of gaming has changed forever since his introduction back in 1997 the world would truly be a different place if it wasn’t for Sans Undertale.

-Gamer out

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