Spider-Man PS4 – Playstation Release Date, Collectors Edition, And More

If you’re as big a Spider-Man fan as myself, you too will have been dying to know when the highly anticipated Spider-Man PS4 game is set to be released. Well, luckily for you, we have those details and more!

Spider-Man PS4 Playstation Release Date

Today it was revealed that the official release date is going to be the 7th of September, 2018. Unfortunately, that’s an awful lot of time to wait, but judging by the snippets of the game we’ve seen so far, it should be well worth the wait!

Spider-Man PS4 Playstation Collectors and Digital Deluxe Edition

As well as a release date, we’ve also been given a look at the Digital Deluxe and Collector’s Editions of the game.

In both editions, if you preorder, you get a sweet Spidey suit pack, which includes three new skins to play as. One has been revealed already, which is the Spider-Punk skin, who you might recognise from the Spider-Verse comic series. The other two are yet to be revealed. Personally, I’m hoping for Kaine’s Scarlet Spider and the cloth version of the black spider-suit! You also get an early unlock of a Spider-Drone gadget, as well as 3 post-launch story chapters and new missions.

Spider-Man PS4 Playstation Digital Deluxe Edition

The only extra thing you get with the digital deluxe edition is a little Spider-Man pin, which you can pin to anything you so wish (within reason).

Spider-Man PS4 Digital Deluxe Edition

Spider-Man PS4 Playstation Collector’s Edition

As well as secret suits and Spider-Drones, you also get a PSN Avatar and a PS4 theme (both of which I will equip immediately). Back to the physical side of things, you’ll also get a custom steelbook, a mini art book and your very own Spider-Man statue! The statue is yet to be revealed (reveal date sometime this Summer). Of course, you’ll also get a massive box containing all of those, and a neat little white spider sticker.

Spider-Man PS4 Collectors Edition

Oh, we’ve also been given a look at the official cover art for the game, check it out:

Left side Spider-Man PS4 CoverSpider-Man PS4 CoverRight side spider-man PS4 Cover

Spider-Man PS4 Playstation Screenshots and Videos


Here’s the gameplay video released last year, showing what looks to be the start of the game, as well as showcasing the web swinging, spider-sense, and combat!

… and here’s the video with all the pre-order info and release date stuff, plus some pretty sweet gameplay!

… and here’s a nice little teaser trailer, also released last year!


And now, a gallery of images from the game.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


All of the photos above are from this flickr gallery, none of them are our own!

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