The Obscure Number Game

“The Obscure Number Game” is a small, python made game, which, essentially, is a guessing game. But better!

The idea is the computer thinks of a number, and then asks you to guess it! It’s not meant to be a super fun, riveting action game, as all we really wanted was to test our skills in coding, and write a little game. Which we did.

Don’t worry though, it’s not completely stupid! There are 4 different game modes within it, which range in difficulty, so you can have MINUTES of fun until you realise what a real waste of time this really is!

Oh, you’ll also need python to run it. Fortunately, python is free (here), and is a really great program to learn how to code on.


Download The Obscure Number Game here!

It says “this type of file can harm your computer”, but we can assure you it won’t! It’s just a .py file!

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