Dishonored: An Overview [Part 4]

We’ve run out of little intro ideas for this mini-series. It’s part 4.

You reach an island that the Lord Reagent had been making and is now inhabited by those who betrayed you and a couple hundred guards. Y’know the usual sorta stuff.

If high chaos: more guards, all the dudes are alive and at each other’s throats, higher defence, you must literally save Emily from the Admiral’s grasp. If you save Emily (yes, it is possible to let her die) she asks if the rest are dead, and reveals she is a lot less innocent than she was, and is a lot tougher than you thought.

yay! you’ve saved our not so innocent little angel!

If low chaos: fewer guards, only the Admiral is alive, Emily is just locked in her room, still innocent. A lot easier than high chaos.

At the end of the game, you get some 3D freeze frames with the Outsider narrating them. If you went high chaos then everything sucks; Emily dies, everything sucks even more, and you just run away in a boat, but if you went low chaos everything is great. Yay. The credits roll, and an awesome song plays over them.

Overall, it’s a pretty epic game, and we would definitely recommend you play through this incredible story.


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