Dishonored: An Overview [Part 3]

Here we go again! Part 3 of our overview!

Turns out, in an amazing twist, the people who were helping you have turned on you, and forced the ever-friendly old man Samuel to spike your drink and kill you!

They now intend to heavily influence Emily’s reign and turn in your dead corpse for the prize money. Luckily for you however, after they finish gloating over your body, they leave before you are confirmed dead.

Samuel reveals to you that he only put in half the poison, to keep you alive (just), and takes you away to set you adrift in the Flooded District. You are then picked up by assassins, which you see between slipping in and out of consciousness, till you finally meet Daud- the man who killed the Empress. He proceeds to throw all your stuff down a hole and you get knocked out. Fun. Here you were thinking this was going to be a short game.

You wake up in a poorly made cage with a rat and a rat tunnel for you to go down, or some bricks to throw at the top of the cage. That the professional assassins made from some brittle wood. They aren’t very good assassins.

i mean really

So, you escape, and embark on a long, infuriating journey to go deal with Daud. Once you FINALLY get there, you can either kill him or steal his stuff and leave him alone. After stealing his stuff/murdering him you head to your previous HQ to murder/not murder those who betrayed you and save Emily.

When you get there, you meet with one of the maids, who tells you what happened. The guys told all the staff they were getting a reward.

The reward of death!

what a great reward

Though if you went pacifist, and if you saved Callista’s uncle, she doesn’t die. Yay. Two other people do though. Another maid is hiding in the tower where Emily was kept, and tells you to contact Samuel using a flare once everyone is dealt with.

You use the open window that all the masses of guards know nothing about and didn’t check for to talk to Anton and Pierro who have trapped themselves inside there, and tell you that there is a contraption on the roof that can either kill everyone or knock them all out. All you have to do is find some instructions for the machine then take a whale oil tank up to the machine and watch the magic happen.

Then you go search for the information about where the guys took Emily so you can go murder/not murder them. Signal Samuel, then go to find and take your revenge!

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