Geometry Dash: The Vault of Secrets Codes

If you’re a fan of Geometry Dash, you’ll know that the long awaited 2.1 update was released for the Steam version, and with it came a whole load more secrets to unlock. So if you fancy some new icons, a few new colours, and even a secret level, read on to discover the secret codes for the Vault of Secrets (unlocked by having 50 diamonds)!

Brain power

Unlocks a new icon.


After entering this code, six number will flash on the screen. Write them all down, and do the following:

Number 2 Number 1 = A

Number 3 – Number 2 = B

Number 4 – Number 3 = C

Number 5 – Number 4 = D

Number 6 – Number 5 = E

Now, write all those answers in a line, like this:


For example, if the answers you get are 21, 43, 54, 32, 65, you’d write:


Once you’ve done the maths and typed it all in, you’ll get a new icon.


Unlocks a new icon.

[The number of stars you have]

Unlocks a new icon.


Unlocks a new icon


Unlocks a new colour.


Unlocks a new colour.

The challenge

A new level costing 200 diamonds to unlock and play.


Want to get all the coins on Fingerdash, but can’t quite do it? Visit our Fingerdash all-coins guide here!

29 thoughts on “Geometry Dash: The Vault of Secrets Codes

  1. type in gimmiethecolor, then he’ll say “how many colors do you need?” respond with “seven” to get a color and an icon!


    1. the 7 code is kinda hard. You have to write s-e-v-e-n not 7. To clarify you have to literally write ‘seven’ and not the number 7. Tricky am I right? But I cannot help you with the cod3breaker because I can’t get it to work.


    2. i can agree with you on the cod3breaker but the seven code you mightve already gotten. Also, the Gimmethecolour code doesnt work for me but im in 2.1 so idk


      1. It’s because you have to use the American spelling of the word “color”. And, I typed in all the Cod3breaker number thingies, and nothing happened. I even typed them all in except for the blue one. I don’t know what’s happening with the Cod3breaker. Yeah so you type “Gimmiethecolor”, “colour” without a “u”.


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