How to Become a God in Portal

Ever opened up Portal and thought, “Oh man, I wish there were some cool hidden features in this awesome sci-fi adventure game!” You have? Well then, this article may be the most exciting thing you read all year!

To be able to unlock the powers of a God, you will first have to activate the developer console. You can see how in the slideshow below, but there are instructions below too. The same instructions apply in Portal 2 as well.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

  1. Go to options

  2. Keyboard > Advanced > Enable Developer Console

  3. Click ‘OK’, then exit back to the main menu

Now that’s all done, go and create a new game on a level of your choosing, and press the tilde key (the key above tab). A grey box should appear on your screen. If not, just repeat the above steps. If it still doesn’t work, your computer is haunted. Burn it and run.

Before you go and type commands in, you need to input this very important one first, which will give you the abilities to become invincible, no-clip everywhere and even spawn in your very own jeep! Here it is:

sv_cheats 1 

I bet you thought it was something more complicated. When you’ve done that, feel free to input any code from the list below and have fun!

Just to warn you, if you try and do a challenge map with cheats turned on, the attempt that you did will not be counted, so be wary of that.

List of most fun/useful cheats:

noclip – This makes it so that the first person camera isn’t obstructed by objects. In short, you can go through walls!

god – Invincibility.

buddha – You can take damage but won’t die.

firstperson – First person viewing.

thirdperson – Third person viewing.

notarget – Turrets will not shoot you, no matter how hard you tea-bag.

Want some more commands? [CLICK HERE]

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