Geometry Dash – The Vault Codes

Now you’ve unlocked The Vault, it’s time to input some codes to get awesome loot!


Spooky: Unlocks the Shy Guy icon!


Sparky: +1 coin!


Blockbite: Unlocks a new demon-like UFO.


Neverending: Unlocks a UFO. With lil’ spiky bits.


Mule: Unlocks a snazzy new ship.


Gandalfpotter: Unlocks a new trail.


Robotop: Unlocks robot #2!


Ahead: Unlocks a new wave. For all your… waving?


Lenny:  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) icon cube. Actually called a Deg deg.


[your username]: One-eyed cube


The numbers ‘8, 16, 30, 32, 46, 84’ all typed separately (type 8 in enter that, type 16 enter that and so… on): THE ILLUMINATI WAVE


Want more codes? Visit here for our codes on the Vault of Secrets, and here for our Codes for the Chamber of Time!

50 thoughts on “Geometry Dash – The Vault Codes

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    1. you gave to type one number into the vault and enter it , then do the next one and enter that number

      you will have to type in 8 enter that then 16 enter that ect..


      1. Hi!

        To get to the Vault, all you need to do is collect 10 user coins (silver coins) from some online levels. Once you’ve got 10, go to the settings, and click on the lock in the top right corner!

        Hope this helps!


      2. go to the settings button and in the top right corner there will be a look icon you need 10 silver coins to unlock it


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