All Terraria Achievements 4/4

That’s right, more achievements!

67: Till Death

Kill the groom, a zombie dressed in a suit and top hat.

68: Pretty in Pink

Have you noticed a small pink slime hopping around your world? Well, the next time you see that slime, kill it to earn this achievement!

69: Rainbows and Unicorns

Fire the rainbow gun while riding a unicorn.

70: You and What Army

Have nine minions simultaneously. To do this, wear full tiki armour and have a pygmy necklace, necromantic scroll and papyrus scarab.

71: Prismancer

Craft a rainbow rod using 8 souls of light, 15 souls of sight, 10 pixie duxt, 2 unicorn horns and 10 crystal shards!

72: It Can Talk?!

build a house in above ground mushroom biome and have the truffle move in.

73: Watch Your Step

Be a victim to an underground trap, e.g. a dart trap or one of those annoying boulders.

74: Marathon Medallist

Walk for 26.2 miles.

75: Glorious Golden Pole

Get a golden fishing rod from the angler. To do this, complete 30 of his quests!

76: Topped Off

Get max health and max mana.

77: You Can Do It

Live through your first night!

78: Matching Attire

Wear a full set of armour, of any kind.

79: Fish Out of Water

Defeat Duke Fishron. A big ol’ green shark monster.

80: Champion of Terraria

Defeat the Moon Lord

81: Do You Want to Slay a Snowman?

Defeat the frost legion and save santa!

82: Ice scream

Reach the 15th wave of the frost moon.

83: Mecha Mayhem

Defeat all three mechanical bosses at the same time (not at exactly the same time, you just need to summon them at the same time and then beat them all).

84: Archeologist

Kill Dr Bones

85: Slayer of Worlds

Defeat EVERY boss currently in the game.

86: Servant in Training

Complete 1 angler quest.

87: Good Little Slave

Complete 10 angler quests.

88: Trought Monkey

Complete 25 angler quests.

89: Fast and Fishious

Complete 50 angler quests.

90: Supreme Helper Minion

Complete 200 angler quests.

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