Geometry Dash: How to Get All the Coins in Can’t Let Go

Can’t Let Go is one of my favourite Geometry Dash levels, but is, unfortunately, quite hard to beat. This is pretty great. It makes the level challenging and fun, which is one of the reasons why I enjoy it so much! And although the feeling of beating this level is pretty great, it’s even greater when you can complete it with all three stars! Let’s get started!

The first coin is found right before the bit where the background goes all black, when you need to jump up three one-block platforms. To get the coin, just let yourself fall from the second one, getting you the coin!

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The second coin is really easy to get, and only requires some careful manoeuvring of your ship. As you enter the ship bit, you  have to fly under and over three columns, after which is an obstacle consisting of two blocks on top of each other, with spikes protruding outwards toward the player. Fly above this to grab the gold!

I barely made it.

This final coin appears in the section of the level where gravity is flipped. After jumping over a few obstacles, you drop down two blocks onto a three block platform with a spike at the end. To get the coin, don’t drop down both of those blocks. Drop down one, and then jump on the second, narrowly missing the three block platform and getting the coin! Get ready to jump after getting back on track however, since you die almost immediately if you don’t!

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Boom! Coins achieved! If you liked this post or want to check out our other articles on Geometry Dash, go here! Thank you!

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