All Terraria Achievements 3/4


Well, I’m back at it again, but not with the white vans! Instead with the third part of my Terraria achievements series! Lets hope this third-parter isn’t as bad as the third matrix movie!

45: Tin Foil Hatter

defeat the Martian invasion (only available in hardmode)

46: Sticky Situation

Survive the slime rain. It’s as disgusting as it sounds.

47: Real Estate Agent

Have all NPCs living in your world at the same time.

48: Not The Bees

Fire a bee gun while wearing a full set of bee armour. Bees!

49: Jeepers Creepers

Find a spider cavern underground. If you explore for a while you’ll bump into one eventually!

50: Funkytown

Make or find an above-ground mushroom biome.

51: Into Orbit

Reach the very top of the world. It’s easiest to get this one on a small world.

52: Rock Bottom

Dig down to the very bottom of the world. Again, it’s easiest to get this one on a small world.

53: Gelatin World Tour

Kill EVERY slim there is (some spawn in hard mode, so make sure to track them down). Here’s a list of all the different slimes, just in case you need it!

54: Fashion Statement

Fill up every vanity slot with stuff.


55: Vehicular Manslaughter

Kill an enemy with a mine cart (ride into a monster at high speed).

56: Bulldozer

Mine 10,0000 blocks (easier said than done).

57: There Are Some Who Call Him…

Kill Tim, a skeleton wizard who spawns underground. You’ll have a higher chance of him spawning if you wear a special gem robe. Any gem will do, Tim isn’t picky.

58: Deceiver of Fools

Kill the Nymph (a Nymph is spawned when you get near the lost girl).

59: Sword of the Heroes

Craft a Terra Blade using 2 Broken Hero Swords, 1 Night’s Edge and 1 Excalibur.

60: Lucky Break

Fall and survive with 1 HP remaining. The optimum height for this is 74 blocks, assuming you have 500 health and no armour or special fall damage negating items.

61: Throwing Lines

Throw a Yo-Yo

62: Dye Hard

Put a dye in every dye slot.

63: Sick Throw

Kill the moon lord and get the Terrarian.

64: The Frequent Flyer

Spend 1 gold at the nurse healing yourself. Remember, this doesn’t have to be all at once.

65: The Cavalry

equip a mount in your mount slot and ride it!

66: Completely Awesome

Buy the Minishark from the arms dealer.



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