Geometry Dash: How to Get All the Coins in Base After Base

Base After Base is the fifth level in Geometry Dash, and the first of the kind-of-hard ones! Fortunately however, the coins aren’t that hard to get!

The first coin is probably the easiest. In fact, you don’t even have to do anything! You should spot it during the first cube sequence, after the background turns a light shade of red. At 21%, you land on a 3 block wide platform, from which you’ll probably be able to see the coin hovering above a bounce pad. To get it, don’t touch anything. If you look closely, you’ll see a tiny gap in the big block opposite, which takes you straight to the gold!


The second coin’s location is pretty hard to explain. It’s in the part of the level when the background turns black, and is found at 47%. What you’ve got to do is jump between a platform and a spike, at a pretty exact time. It’s easier if I show you! Check out the picture below:


The last coin is found  in the first flying bit, soon after you enter a tunnel, and fly up a kind of stairway thing. After that, you’ve got to fly over and under 3 spikes, and then fly down a little bit and do the exact same thing again. To get the coin, don’t fly down that little bit. In fact, fly up! Once you’ve gotten past that first set of over/under spikes, you should notice a 1 block gap in the wall/ceiling in front of you. Fly into that and wait until you see the exit (another 1 block gap). Fly into that, and grab the coin!


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