How to Unlock All the Terraria Achievements 1/4

In Terraria there are 88 total achievements. That’s too many for one blog post! How about a 2-parter? Nah, that’s still too many. A 3-parter? No, because 88÷3= 29.333…. Well, I guess that leaves us with four if we eliminate ANY number above 4. (these achievements are in a random order)

1: Timber

Swing your axe and chop down old Mr Tree to nab this achievement!

2: No Hobo

Build a house. All a house needs is a chair, a table, a light source and space with walls in the background.

3: Stop! Hammer time!

Craft or find a hammer.

4: Ooh! Shiny!

Mine some ore! Ore is that shiny, glittering stuff you’ve probably seen lying around in your world.

5: Heart Breaker

Dig down underground until you find a glowing red heart. Smash it with your pickaxe to get this one!

6: Heavy Metal

Craft an anvil with 5 iron or 5 lead.

7: I  Am Loot

Underground, you’ll often come across golden chests. Open one of them to get this achievement!

8: Star Power

Craft a mana crystal with 5 fallen stars and consume it to get 20 mana and an achievement!

9: Hold On Tight!

Craft and equip a grappling hook!

10: Eye on You

Gear up and defeat the Eye of Cthulu! There is peace for now…

11: Smashing, Poppet!

Use your hammer to destroy either a Crimson Heart or Shadow Orb in the crimson/corruption. Crimson Hearts are only found in the crimson, and Shadow Orbs are only found in the corruption.

12: Worm Fodder

Smash three Shadow Orbs or use the worm food to summon the Eater of Worlds, and defeat it to earn the achievement!

13: Mastermind

Destroy three Crimson Hearts or craft a bloody spine to summon the brain of Cthulhu. To get the achievement, beat it!

15: Where’s My Honey?

Delve into the depths of the jungle to find a bee hive.

16: Sting Operation

Defeat the Queen Bee in the beehive.

17: Boned

Curse the old man at the Dungeon and defeat the evil that comes from within.

18: Dungeon Heist

Kill a dungeon slime, which, surprise surprise, are found in the dungeon.

19: It’s Getting Hot in Here

Dig deep below the ground until you reach hell.

20: Miner for Fire

Craft a molten pickaxe using 35 hellstone bars.

21: Still Hungry

Throw a guide voodoo doll into lava to summon the Wall of Flesh. Then defeat it.

22: It’s Hard!

Defeat the Wall of Flesh, to make everything harder which releases the ancient spirits of light and dark. You’ll achieve this along with Still Hungry.


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