Geometry Dash: How to Get All the Coins in Dry Out

Do you have a burning desire to collect EVERY COIN on EVERY LEVEL in Geometry Dash? Well, although this particular guide won’t show the locations of every coin, it’ll certainly help you get all the ones in Dry Out! In the words of Mario, lets-a-go!

The first coin is found just before your gravity is flipped, after you jump up three platforms, drop down, and then jump up, just to yet again drop down another three. What you’ve got to do is jump onto the platform after that 3 platform drop, and let yourself fall down. However, there aren’t those yellow auto-jump blobs to bounce you  forward, so you’ve got to hold jump immediately after falling to survive.

Drop down there, and hold jump!

The penultimate coin isn’t as hidden as the first. In fact, all you’ve got to do is jump an extra time! It appears a little while after the gravity is put back to normal and the background turns red. You should see two vertically hanging blocks with spikes on, that normally, you’d drop down under. You should see the coin just behind them. What you’ve got to do is jump up onto the two vertical blocks and drop down. Onto the third!

Jump up and grab it!

The third (and final) coin is in the flying bit. The background will turn green, and blocks will appear to block your path. Once you’ve gotten past those ineffective obstacles, you’ll be confronted with yet more blocks, but this time with spikes on! After you’ve flown past three, you should see the coin hiding behind the fourth spiky block. Unfortunately though, to get it you’ll have to RISK YOUR LIFE and fly over the spiky spikes. It can be tricky, but in the end, you’ll get it (it’s also pretty good practice for getting the first coin in Clutterfunk, which is in a similarly annoying position).

Let’s hope you can maintain the straight flying!

Alright! All the coins in Dry Out! Now you can show off to your friends! Yay!

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