Modded Minecraft is Actually Quite Good but Generally Really Bad Because it’s Minecraft


Have you ever got bored of playing vanilla Minecraft? I did after about 5 minutes, which is why is why I started playing modded Minecraft. However, it took me much longer to realise that it is exactly the same game, just for people who can see that the original game is terrible.

In modded Minecraft there are single stand alone mods and there are modpacks which are mods put together. I used the FTB launcher along with the Curse launcher because I personally feel it’s much better to load and launch mods with. But you could use AT launcher, or maybe if that’s not what your looking for, VoidsWrath.

But what if you get bored of modded Minecraft? well welcome to my world where you realise that Minecraft is a game with time travelling graphics from the 80s and only captures the heart of infants below 5 and people who started playing Minecraft on YouTube, and now can’t stop because their entire fanbase is comprised of 2 year olds.

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