What is slither.io?

Have you played agar.io? That game that was popular for a month or so, about eating tiny circles to make your tiny circle get big enough to eat other players, who, coincidentally, are also circles? Well slither is just like that! But with WORMS. Or snakes, it’s not that easy to tell.

So now you know what it is, you should probably learn how to play. Obviously, you’ve got to eat those orby things, but what then? Basically you (worm snake creature) charge in front of other players to kill them. When they hit your body, their worm snake turns into a load of tiny orbs that you eat to grow BIGGER and STRONGER! I guess, the bigger the better? There’s even a reward for the biggest snake of the day! You get to write a message that gets displayed in the top left of the screen, along with your username and length! Man, I really want to win that. I would totally just promote this website.

Drink the blood  of your enemies….

You’re probably thinking, “Hey! This is just like agar.io but with disgusting snake monsters!” Actually,  no! It’s not! Although you can’t pick a custom skin, what makes slither unique is that it doesn’t matter how big you are! If you’re fast enough and agile enough, you can easily swerve in front of huge players, take them down, and feast on their remains. Yeah games!


You can play slither for free here!

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