Terraria VS Minecraft: Enemies

Enemies can be super annoying, but they’re also pretty important. They make games more challenging, which makes it even more awesome when you win! But what are enemies like in Minecraft and Terraria? Keep reading to find out!


If you’ve played Minecraft before, you’ll be aware of the infamous Creeper. That’s right, the explosive green cucumber. As the name suggests, they creep up on you, giving almost no indication that they’re there apart from a quiet hissing sound. This is especially annoying if you play without sound effects, since you’ll have no idea it’s there and could easily lose a large chunk of your house. Unfortunately, this makes the Creeper a pretty great enemy. They’re quiet, ruthless, and very, very explosive.

What about Terraria? How do they do with their enemies? Numbers-wise, pretty great. Currently, Terraria has 300 enemies, not including the 29 bosses. That’s tons! The toughest ones are found underground, such as the Bone Serpent, Dragon Hornets and Angry Trappers. This makes mining much harder, which normally would be a bad thing, but, since this review is on the enemies of this game, that’s great! It’s what they’re meant to do!

One thing that kind of sucks about Minecraft enemies is how many of them there are. Minecraft has 18 hostile mobs, not counting the two bosses, and after a while, the game loses it’s challenge.

Moon Lord
The Moon Lord!

There’s even a setting to remove mobs! This makes the game boring after a while, whereas in Terraria there are loads of different enemies, making it much more challenging!

It’s not just Minecraft with enemy problems though: Terraria does too. But for Terraria, it’s not in the numbers. It’s in hardmode.

As soon as you enter hardmode, you’re bombarded with new enemies, each dealing lots of damage. Now, this would be great! This review, as stated before, is on enemies, and the tougher the better! But are the hardmode enemies too tough? Sure, the further you get in the game the better armour you’ll have, but at the start of your hardmode adventure, you almost definitely won’t have that armour. And you’ll be slaughtered. Sorry.

I think that Terraria’s hardmode enemies are far too tough, especially for those who have just started, and that Re-Logic should tone down the damage just a tad!

In conclusion, I think I’m going to have to say that Terraria wins this round. They have loads more enemies, which in turn have loads more drops, giving the player loads of cool items! Minecraft just doesn’t have enough enemies currently, and it really does make the game boring after a while. Sorry Minecraft, Terraria wins today!

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