How to Change the Controls on Super Meat Boy (PC)

Super Meat Boy’s controls can get pretty annoying, especially on the PC. Fortunately though, one very clever person has written a program that allows you to change it! Here’s how to download and use it:

Step One: Download the program

Click here to download!

I can assure you this program is safe to download.


Step Two: Launch and set directory

Once you’ve extracted the file, run the program. Now click “Set root directory”. You’ll then be prompted to find the folder where Super Meat Boy is stored. Here’s the directory:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Super Meat Boy

Then click ok!


Step Three: Remap the keys

This one’s pretty easy. Just click the drop-down menu with the key you want to remap and the select the new key! Do that for all the buttons you want to change, then click “Remap keys”. Done!


Step Four: Launch the game and be shocked at how amazingly it worked

Launch the game and have fun playing with your re-mapped keys! If at first it doesn’t seem as if the program worked, just double check that you clicked “remap keys”. I made that mistake. *Cries silently*


All credit for this program goes to 2xD.


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