Terraria VS Minecraft: Music

Music plays a large part in games. It can create atmosphere, build up tension, and, if used correctly, can make an awful game 100 times better. So which of these two games has the best music? Time to find out!

When I first began playing Minecraft, and the soft piano notes of C418 began playing, I thought, “Wow! What a lovely game!” And it is. It’s a good game, even if @henryblundell (co-editor) doesn’t think so! In fact, one of the best things about the music is how many different tracks there are. There are 12 songs that play during general gameplay, which is a pretty wide range just for playing the game. As well as that, there are 4 different songs for the Nether, and 4 main menu songs too.

Does Terraria have such a wide range of music? Actually, yes! In fact, I’m pretty sure they have more! Where Minecraft has 12 gameplay songs, Terraria has 36! But how are these songs different to Minecraft’s? Well for one, they’re MUCH more upbeat, and, along with the pixel graphics, give the game a much more arcade-y feel.

The only downside to Terraria’s happy chiptunes is this: they can get repetitive. Yes. After a while, it doesn’t become fun to listen to them anymore. It become’s boring, and makes the game slightly less enjoyable. Minecraft, however, doesn’t share this trait. Their slow, peaceful piano melodies don’t seem to get boring, because there are different songs each time you play! Sure, there are different songs in Terraria, but to listen to them you have to go to their respective biomes, which is a pain.

Unfortunately for Minecraft though, the thing they best Terraria at in the music category is actually their downfall. Yes, their songs don’t get boring, but that’s because they already are boring! Almost all the gameplay songs are slower than Terraria’s, and if you play for long enough, the gameplay becomes almost as slow as the music.

Terraria’s songs are catchier, but after a while, they get dull. Minecraft’s music never gets boring, but it’s much slower, making it dull already. I mean, you can’t lose what you never had, can you? In conclusion, I think that Terraria does win this round. Their songs are catchy, and once you immerse yourself in the gameplay, you don’t even really notice the tune!

Now I know what you’re thinking: “Hey! Terraria won the first category, and then Minecraft won the second, and now Terraria takes the third! These these guys are just having each game win every other category!” We’re not. It’s just a coincidence!


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