How to Beat the Wall of Flesh: Strategies and Tips

The Wall of Flesh is the toughest boss pre-hardmode, and if it was up to me, I wouldn’t have fought it. Ever. Unfortunately however, the only way to get into hardmode from a normal world is through beating it, which can be a pretty tough challenge, especially if your weaponry is a bit rubbish. Why get into hardmode? Well, the most powerful weapons are only craftable in hardmode, you can make wings, and there are unicorns. I think that’s enough to convince you!


Weapons are an extremely important part of the fight against the WoF, as they’re almost the only way you’re going to deal it any damage. I recommend your main weapon being the Phoenix Blaster, with ammunition of meteor shots. The only problem with that is the crafting of the Phoenix Blaster. You’ll need a handgun, which are pretty hard to find, and 10 hellstone bars. The other weapon I recommend you’d get is the Night’s Edge, which is useful in up-close combat with The Hungry. As well as that, it comes in very useful when you’re attacked by Leeches, since they’re pretty fast, and hard to hit with your gun.


If you’re going to stand any chance against the Wall of Flesh, then you’re going to need good armour. I mean, how are you going to use your awesome new weapons if you can’t survive for more than five minutes? I’d recommend using Molten Armour. It’s the strongest armour pre-hardmode, and will give you an even better chance of winning! The only problem with it is that you’ll need loads of hellstone. More specifically, you’ll need 135 hellstone, and 45 obsidian. Don’t have the resources? The next best thing is crimson/shadow armour, which give you a total of 19 defense.


Never been a fan of these multicoloured mixtures? Well get ready to have them become your new best friend, since the buffs and abilities these potions will give you can make you almost invincible! These are the potions I’d recommend getting:


You know those five little slots below the places for your armour that fill up way too fast? Yeah? Well it’s time to put those spaces to good use! The first item you’ll want to try and get are the lightning boots or spectre boots, since they’ll help you jump, dodge and fly out of the way of lasers and monsters! As well as magic boots, I’d suggest grabbing a lucky horseshoe, especially of you’ve equipped an item that grants flight. If you don’t, you could very easily die from fall damage, which definitely isn’t the best way to go.


The terrain in The Underworld is pretty dangerous, and as well as the annoyingly large buildings that occasionally pop up, there are also huge pools of lava. That’s why most people recommend building a platform over everything, at least half the world wide. That’s what I did before fighting, and it definitely helps. It works even better with lightning boots/spectre boots, since you can sprint away from danger even faster that way! Building the platform all the way across The Underworld isn’t necessary in a large world, because you have so much space to fight the WoF in, but having a platform all across in a smaller world definitely helps.


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