XeoDrifter: Achievement Guide

XeoDrifter is an awesome pixel-style platformer, and although it’s annoyingly short, the 16 achievements make it slightly longer! Here’s how to get them!

Submarine Power

This will almost definitely be the first achievement you’ll get, and luckily for you, it’s also unavoidable! You’ll achieve it after beating the first boss and grabbing the submarine power-up it drops.

Plane Shift Power

Like the previous achievement, this one’s also unavoidable. To get it, you’ll have to beat the second boss and pick up the the plane shift power-up. This’ll get you the second achievement!

Run Power

If you haven’t already guessed it, to get this achievement you need to beat another boss. More specifically the third boss. After you’ve beaten it, picking up the item dropped will earn you the achievement.

Xeodrifter 3rd Boss.gif

Rocket Power

Beat fourth boss. Pick up item. Achievement earned.

Solar Flare Power

I wonder what you’ve got to do to get this achievement? Could it possibly have anything to do with beating the fifth boss? Who knows?

Phaze Power

Beat the sixth boss. Pick up item. Achievement earned. Whoa, did anyone else get a feeling of déjà vu?


To get this achievement, you’ve got to explore every nook and cranny of the map. Unfortunately, this also includes the secret areas, which makes it a lot harder to achieve.


Whilst playing XeoDrifter, you’ll most likely happen upon red, box-like things. These are gun upgrades, which you use to make your space blaster thing even stronger. By collecting all these, you’ll not only earn yourself an achievement, but you’ll also end up with a pretty sweet gun!

Security Blanket

Like the previous achievement, this one is earned by collecting a ton of special boxes that powers up your little spaceman. This time however, the boxes are green. In the words of Ash Ketchum, “You gotta catch em’all!”



Beat the game in under an hour. Luckily for you, the games pretty short, and if you’re a good gamer, you can probably beat it even quicker!


This one’s hard. You need to beat the final boss without losing any life. Fortunately, you can re-fight him repeatedly in all your saves. When you’re trying to get this achievement, I would recommend starting the fight with only one life left, because it gets annoying after having to wait to die after being hit once.

We’re Sorry

Kill one of those stupid flying bat things. They’re my least favourite enemy, because they’re the worst thing ever.


Warp Drive Engage

Beat the game!


You know when you’re fighting a boss and it goes into that weird blue force field? Just destroy that to earn yourself this achievement. I recommend using a fully charged solar flare.


During a boss fight, sometimes the boss will jump into the background to re-charge it’s health. When it’s doing that, jump into the background with it and shoot some of the health things. Collect one of those, and you’ll not only gain a life, you’ll also gain an achievement.

Secret Stash

Hidden throughout each world are secret blocks that, when destroyed, refill 3 or 4 lives. To get this achievement, just find one!

XeoDrifter Secret Stash.gif

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