Geometry Dash: How to Get All The Coins in Polargeist

Polargeist is the third level in Geometry Dash, and if you’re anything like me, then you’ll want to get all the coins. Well luckily for you, this guide teaches you how to do just that!

To get the first coin in Polargeist you have to get to the ship part. This is where it all goes black and you have to dodge blocks. All you have to do is hold down to fly up while dodging the blocks that are on the very top, and when the coin’s in sight and reachable, fly down and grab that gold!


To get the second coin you have to drop down from a platform at the correct time. Once you have dropped down, just make one jump, collect the coin and wait to be jumped up by the bounce pad to a bounce orb. Tap once more, and then you can continue to the third and final coin!


To get the third and final coin you must jump time your jump carefully. To get it, you have to jump onto a gravity switch pad just in front of a platform, behind a spike. It’ll switch your gravity, and fling you up to a secret area where the final coin is hidden in front of a bounce orb. Jump on that, and wait to come down! Watch out though, since when you drop back to the floor,  you have to jump immediately again to dodge some spikes!

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