Get Robotic with RoboCraft

Finding a decent game on Steam that’s free is nearly impossible, which is why my reaction upon finding this game was like, ”WHAAAAAT?? That’s nearly impossible! I must play this game immediately!”

At first glance, RoboCraft is just like TerraTech. You build a vehicle, add guns and destroy enemies. BUT this game’s different!  In RoboCraft there is progress system where you have to play matches against other payers/teams to earn level ups, and once you have built your perfect robot to travel the world in and wreak havoc in, you can paint it! Anything from grassy green to BLOODY RED.

RoboCraft Big thingy bot.png

You may be thinking, “can I only build cars?” NO! you can build walkers, hovercrafts, planes, helicopters, spider/scorpion mech things or even all-terrain vehicles, and paint them however you want. Personally, I chose hot neon pink for my hovercraft.

The main complain I have with this game is to do with it being free. Although that sounds pretty good, it does mean that there is a premium upgrade you can buy, which is rather upsetting because with no extra purchases this game would be a really good, and many more people would play.

You can find RoboCraft on Steam here, for the low, low price of nothing!

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