Super Meat Boy: All Bandage Locations

Super Meat Boy is an awesome game, and one of the hardest platformers I’ve ever played. So naturally, I had to 100% it. I had completed every level with A+, and I had 100 percented every chapter but one. Embarrassingly, that one chapter was the forest. Go on, mock me.

I had one more bandage to collect, I had played every level in there 20 million times, and still couldn’t find it! I had no idea what to do, so I turned to a force greater than myself. The internet.

And so, with the help of a handy bandage location guide, I found the last piece of the 100 percent puzzle. Now, I’m gonna help you too!

The Forest                                                                           

Light World                                                              Dark World

1-4: Nutshell                                                            1-3X: BZZZZZ

1-5: Sky Pup (Warpzone)                                      1-5X: Creamsoda

1-7: Diverge                                                              1-10X: Walls

1-9: Safety Third                                                     1-13X: Space Boy (Warpzone)

1-11: Fired                                                                1-14X: Mystery Spot

1-13: Tommy’s Cabin                                             1-15X: Kick Machine

1-18: Altamount                                                     1-17X: The Clock

1-19: Hand Held Hack (Warpzone)                    1-19X: Queener

1-20: The Test


The Hospital

Light World                                                              Dark World

2-2: One Down                                                        2-4X: Blown

2-5: Big Empty                                                         2-5X: 1977 (Warpzone)

2-10: Johnny’s Cage                                               2-6X: Cher Noble

2-12: Castle Crushers (Warpzone)                     2-7X: The Moon

2-13: Ulcer Pop                                                       2-10X: The Kracken

2-15: The Blood Shed (Warpzone)                     2-12X: Grey Matter

2-16: Synj                                                                 2-15X: Insurance?

2-18: Destructoid                                                   2-16X: P.S.Y

2-20: Daybreaker


The Salt Factory

Light World                                                              Dark World

3-1: Pit Stop                                                             3-3X: The Red Room

3-2: The Salt Lick                                                    3-5X: Wasp

3-4: Transmissions                                                  3-6X: Not You Again

3-5: Cartridge Dump (Warpzone)                      3-7X: Pluck

3-7: Tunnel Vision (Warpzone)                           3-8X: Kontra (Warpzone)

3-10: Breakdown                                                    3-14X: Salmon

3-11: Box Tripper                                                    3-16X: The Chaser

3-18: The Grundle                                                  3-19X: El Topo

3-20: White Noise



Light World                                                              Dark World

4-2: Brindle                                                              4-3X: Char

4-6: Leviathon                                                         4-4X: Altered

4-8: Brimstone (Warpzone)                                 4-7X: MMMMMM (Warpzone)

4-9: Deceiver                                                            4-8X: Billy Boy

4-13: Lazy                                                                 4-10X: Gallow

4-14: The Key Master (Warpzone)                     4-14X: Old Scratch

4-16: Bow                                                                 4-18X: Sag Chamber

4-17: Lost Highway                                                4-19X: Long Goodbye

4-20: Babylon



Light World                                                              Dark World

5-1: The Skyscraper (Warpzone)                        5-4X: Alabaster

5-3: Ripe Decay                                                       5-5X: Nix

5-5: Panic Switch                                                    5-8X: Downer

5-9: Abomination                                                    5-10X: Pulp Factory

5-12: 10 Horns                                                        5-11X: Blight

5-12: Sunshine Island (Warpzone)                     5-17X: Millenium

5-16: Rotgut                                                            5-18X: Stain

5-18: Gate of Ludd                                                 5-20X: Meat Is Death (Warpzone)

5-20: Judgement


The Cotton Alley

Light World                                                              Dark World

None                                                                          7-12X: Pink

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