Geometry Dash – How to Get All the Coins in Back On Track

Geometry Dash’s second level, ‘Back On Track’, isn’t too hard to complete. However, like Stereo Madness, some of the coins are pretty hard to get. Here’s how to get them!

The first coin can be found by dropping off a platform to what seems like certain death. However, as you’ll see, what you actually land on is a little blue bounce pad that switches your gravity and throws you up and into the coin!

Back on track 1st coin

The second coin is not-so-hidden in the first flying bit. After flying below the first blocky triangle jutting from the ceiling, you’re confronted with a much bigger obstacle with a two block wide gap in the middle. Fly through there, and grab your second coin!

Back on track 2nd coin.png

The third and final coin is the hardest to get. You have to drop down onto some well hidden floor blocks and be propelled up by a bounce pad to collect it, but if you can survive that, you’ve got them all!

Back on track last coin.png

If you didn’t understand that, check out this video on how to collect all the coins in Back On Track.

You can also find Geometry Dash on the Steam Store, the Play Store and the iTunes Store!


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