How to Find Floating Islands in Terraria

Floating islands are one of the best parts of Terraria. They’re full of cool loot, have unique blocks to harvest, and best of all they’re floating! In the sky! That’s awesome! The only problem is, they’re pretty hard to find. Fortunately for you, this guide will help!

Method One: Water Bolt

If you’re an avid Terraria player like me, then you’ve probably beaten Skeletron and have unlocked access to the dungeon. On some of the bookcases, you can find an item called a water bolt. This weapon shoots orbs of blue energy that defy gravity and ricochet off of walls. Get one of these, and shoot it up into the sky. If the bolt returns after a minute or so, then there’s an island above you! This method can be done with other items that ricochet, but the water bolt is the easiest to find.

Method Two: Sky Bridge

A Sky Bridge is, basically, a bridge in the sky. To build one, just pile up with rope or blocks, until you reach a decent height. Now build horizontally along, left or right, until you hit a sky island. Here are the optimum heights to build to:

Small World – 125-300 tiles

Medium World – 225-400 tiles

Large World – 325-500 tiles

This method is pretty good, and almost always works, but the biggest problem is the amount of resources you’ll need. To build across the entire map, you’ll need lots of materials.

Method Three: Gravitational Potions

This is arguably the best method to find floating islands. After you’ve made the Gravitation Potion, just float around! Regularly check your minimap for corners of islands, and keep an eye on how long you have left with the potion. Falling out of the sky guarantees almost certain death, but at least it looks awesome!


Good luck!



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