LOVE: Achievement Guide

LOVE is a retro-style platformer in which you play as a stick man running and jumping through various dangerous obstacles. There are 19 achievements to get, which isn’t many. Unfortunately, a lot of them are pretty hard. Here’s how to get them!

Game Cleared

This one’s easy. Just beat the game! It only takes an hour or so, and if you’re good, even less time! Keep in mind that you cannot earn this achievement in easy.


This is a bit trickier. You’ve got to complete the game in YOLO mode, in which you literally only live once. Don’t die!

Gotta Go Fast

Beat the game in speedrun mode in 12 minutes or less. It might take a couple of times for you to get this one, so you should familiarize yourself with the levels first. You’ll get there eventually!


Beat game in speedrun mode. Submit score. Achievement get!

Slacker (C rank)

Get a C grade or higher. The requirements to get a C grade are unclear, but I achieved it with a score of around 1500.

Day Dreamer (B rank)

Again, it’s unclear of the exact requirements, but I think a score of about 2000 will get it.

Studious (A rank)

That’s right, you guessed it! Unclear requirements, blah blah. I reckon a 2500 – 3000 score. Sorry for the ambiguous guide.

Top of the class (A++ rank)

The best tip I can give you to get this one is to complete the game without using checkpoints. This boosts your score by a load of points, and if you complete the game in a decent time as well, you’re almost definitely guaranteed an A++.


Bounce on a ton of bounce pads (white oval things). They’re scattered throughout the levels, so you should get it first time!

Overly Cautious

You get this achievement for setting loads of respawn points. I’d recommend spamming X (set respawn) a bunch of times at the start.


As is stated quite obviously by the acronym, You Only Live Nine Hundred and Ninety Nine Times. The best way to get this is to set a respawn point next to a large pit/spiky object and hold down left or right.

The Direct Approach

To achieve this, you’ve got to take the most direct route through level 2. It’s not as easy to explain as I thought, so there’s a video tutorial here.

Shortcut Taker

Successfully take the shortcut on level 3 without dying. There’s a video tutorial here.

Secret of the Slow Tube

Whoa, look another video tutorial! This achievement can be achieved in level 4. You can find it here.

What Are You Doing Up There?

To achieve this you need to jump up on top of that big yellow sloping thing you spawn under in level 5.

Not a Drop

This one’s super easy. All you need to do is get through level 6 (the one with the contamination warning) without getting touching any of the white droplets/falling into the pools of it.

Without a Scratch

Complete level 8 without meeting an untimely demise.

The High Road

To get this, use the bounce pads in stage 10 to jump over the first obstacle (a big blue spiky rectangle).

The Low Road

Again, this achievement is located in stage 10. This time, instead of going over the first spiky obstacle, go under it. You can do this by spamming jump (z) whilst bouncing, which limits how high you can bounce on the pads. Spam it when going under the spikes, and the achievement is yours!


That’all the achievements! You can buy the game from Steam here for the meager price of £1.99!

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