How to Install Mods For Terraria (PC)

Sometimes, you’ll want a bit of an extra challenge in Terraria, and I know how you feel. So, to solve that problem I installed mods (mods are modifications to the game, for example altering the difficulty or changing gameplay)!

I go with the tModLoader to install the mods I use. All you do is install it with one of the links below, and then either select mod files to use, or use the pre-installed mod selector/download.

The installation of tModLoader is pretty simple to explain. All you do is download it, click extract, and extract them to your Terraria folder. You can find your folder at:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Terraria

You can easily open that folder by holding down Windows+R, and then pasting the above in. Now just run the game! All done!

Download Links




If you didn’t understand any of that, visit the original download website, or watch this video. Have fun!


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