The Best Pixel Games

Pixel games are awesome. There’s no doubt about it. If I’m honest, I’d rather play Super Mario World than the latest Fifa! The only problem is, there are so many… Which one do I play? Here’s a list of the best pixel games out there!

Super Mario Bros

This is my all-time favourite game. In fact, it was the first game I ever played! So why play it? For starters, the soundtrack! I’m pretty sure everyone’s heard Mario’s chirpy chiptune, and if you haven’t, google it! It’s awesome! As well as the soundtrack, there are 32 levels to beat, increasing in difficulty as you go through.

Unfortunately, this game was originally released on the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System). Although you can still buy them, they can be pretty expensive, especially for one in mint condition.


XeoDrifter is an action-adventure game, where you control an astronaut who’s spaceship is damaged by an asteroid. Your task? Travel between the four planets around you, collecting equipment to eventually battle the final boss, earning you a power crystal and an achievement!


LOVE is a 16-level, 8-bit platform game, in which the player runs  and jumps through levels of varying difficulty. There are 5 modes, including a speedrun mode and YOLO mode. You can probably guess what you do in each. One of the best things about love is it’s remix mode, which gives you 7 extra levels to play. These are of similar difficulty to the first 7 levels of the normal mode.

The hardest part of the game comes in the form of achievements. Some are easy, such as ‘Game Cleared’, in which you literally just have to beat the game. However, the more difficult ones are ‘YOLO’, where you’ve got to complete the game with  one life. It’s hard enough with 100! Apart from that, this game’s great. I might even go as far to say that I LOVE it!

Chiptune Champion

Chiptune Champion is the retro-style equivalent to Guitar Hero. It’s addictive, unique, and some songs are seriously tricky, especially in expert mode. It’s pretty cheap on the Steam store, at only £6.99.

When you first load up the game and hit start, you’re confronted with two options: Strum Mode or Tap Mode. In strum mode, you have to hold down the corresponding buttons and then hit enter, but in tap mode, you only need to hit the buttons.You start off with 37 songs to play, but after unlocking a certain amount of achievements, you get 3 extra songs to play. They’re pretty catchy too!

Bump Battle Royale

Bump Battle Royale is a free game hosted on, in which you play as a robot in a bumper cart. The aim is to bump enemies off of the arena you spawn on. There are 3 different modes to choose from, such as Last Man Standing and Campaign.

The best thing about it, as already mentioned, is that it’s free! In fact, it’s the only game on this list that is totally free to play online. As well as being free, it’s a multiplayer game too, so you can play with friends!




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